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With the announcement of some stellar titles arriving on the PSP this year, it would appear that owners of the device finally have a good reason to charge it up again and book a long train journey. With the idea of creating a cutesy LBP level during rush hour headaches-ville and ripping through Motorstorm’s snowy, mountainous terrain while sitting on the toilet firmly processed in our brains, it seems only fitting that we discuss which games should also be brought to the device.



For anybody familiar with any sense of my work, you’ll notice that I’m a traditionalist when it comes to gaming, a quality that some may find redundant and questionable. Video games, as a concept, embody innovation, and for some, sticking to a formula that has been tried and tried again doesn’t quite cut it for their entertainment (or addiction. tomatoe – tomato). As much as I agree with this ideology, I find myself always looking for game that will satisfy my ongoing struggle for that experience that not only meets my desired level of innovation, but almost transcends time and brings upon a reversion to my preteen (or, God forbid, tween) self. Read more… »


Punch Out!! Wii is now set to release May 19th. While waggle support is an absolute must for this game, we can only hope that some classic bruisers return for this long-awaited sequel. Of course, some are obvious, like Glass Joe and Von Kaiser who are shown in the picture, we can only hope that some of the more iconic or memorable foes will return. (I’m looking at you Narcis Prince). Read more… »


The FIFA franchise is undoubtedly an extremely prestigious one, trumping its nearest rival Pro Evolution Soccer in sales year in year out, and leaving gamers everywhere doughy eyed at how lovely it all looks. “Looks” being the key word here, of course. While not boasting the lucrative licensing prowess of FIFA, it was Pro Evo that always managed to play the best game of football; matches would ebb and flow with intensity and speed, leading to some thrilling end-to-end encounters. It just all felt so natural, the arcade style never letting realism get in the way of some good old-fashioned fun. Read more… »


The humble “Joy Pad” has its origins in the even more humble “Joystick.” Those of us who are so old we think of the Neolithic Era as “the good old days” will pretend to remember the very moment of creation, the stage of gaming evolution which was the equivalent of when the fish crawled out of the water and life took to the land, a magical time known only as 1977 (or as it is known to the gameratii”Atari Time”). However as we are so old our memories are easily confused, so we get the internet on the case and make a cup of tea. Read more… »

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Games We’ve Forgotten
By: | February 22nd, 2009


With the slew of great titles being released, I found myself enthralled in some of 2008’s best, but as I look back, I notice that some games just didn’t really sink in. In no way were these games completely awful, but they seemed to get lost in the mix. Please note that this list is of my own, I don’t particularly know how others may or may not feel about those listed, or what they play. Read more… »


Braid. Flower. Linger in Shadows. Even Prince of Persia, Valkyria Chronicles, Street Fighter IV, Echochrome and Killzone 2. All of these games—and far too many more—have been called “art.” We’ve all heard someone say that a certain game somehow blurs the line between gaming and art. We’ve all heard of the games that are nearly indistinguishable from art. Games that are, in fact, actually art. Read more… »


Have you misplaced a part of your youth? A convoluted, engrossing story? Individualized, quirky characters? A grossly overpowered, unusually stylish protagonist? Looking for that four person party? That menu driven combat? The countless amount of grinding? The four to six stage final boss? If you’ve answered yes to one or all of these questions, then you, like me, are itching for a traditional, console-style RPG. Read more… »


Attention all Yakuza series fans: the Yakuza 3 demo just launched in Japan last night. I was able to get my hands on the demo at a friend’s house, and let me tell you, it looks incredible. I had never played a Yakuza title before, so I was really excited to finally play this critically acclaimed series. The visuals were on par with any current-gen PS3 title, but was the gameplay fulfilling? Read on to find out. Read more… »

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Cities XL Screenshots
By: | February 18th, 2009


Monte Cristo Games has been kind enough to send us a new set of screenshots from their upcoming next-generation city-builder, CITIES XL™, today. The new screens focus on key in-game elements such as sports stadiums, farms and downtown areas, all of which are important aspects of the gameplay within CITIES XL™ as they help bolster the economies of player-managed cities. Read more… »

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How to save Sonic the Hedgehog
By: | February 16th, 2009


What would you do if your childhood video game hero was in trouble?  Imagine him in the middle of a dark room, bound and gagged in a chair with an interrogation light beaming down on him.  His arch nemesis stands behind him with a can of gasoline, a Bic disposable razor, and a package of uninflated balloons, ready to do god-knows-what.  The end seems inevitable at this point, but is it too late?



A question everyone asks themselves when faced with another ‘classic compilation’ is ”Why should anyone buy a collection of games that were released on vastly inferior systems with dated graphics and simple gameplay when we have multimillion-dollar franchises and Hollywood actors featuring in open-ended games of intricate story-lines and complex characters?” Read more… »