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Thousands of people stand patiently outside a movie theatre in Vancouver, Canada. It’s below zero, and a thick crust of white snow covers everything in the vicinity. There’s a light buzz in the crowd, as many of those in line excitedly rub their covered hands together, standing huddled with friends while sipping coffee or cocoa. Others sit in a small circles on the ground, playing networked games on their DS or PSP’s. Read more… »


Guitar Hero has been THE staple for music games ever since its introduction into the gaming world back nearly four years ago in November of 2005. Developed by Harmonix and published by RedOctane, it was deemed innovative, groundbreaking, or in one simple word: awesome. Gamers and non-gamers alike flocked to the virtual guitar as if free handjobs were included with every purchase. Everyone and their sister has either owned or at least played some incarnation of the game. And as Activision got their grubby, greedy little hands on the franchise in 2006, an explosion of music-oriented games was just around the bend.


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The Future Of Gaming
By: | March 9th, 2009


Video games have evolved a lot in the half-century since their inception, from games like Spacewar and Pong in the 1960′s to Bioshock, Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect to name but a few shining examples of modern games. Read more… »


Yeah, me too. I’m sick to the teeth of the word. So much, in fact, that I almost shudder whenever it leaves my lips: “Innovation”. There, I said it. OK, typed it *hand shudder *. Unfortunately, it’s a word that is increasingly cropping up in the world of gaming, and so I’ve become resigned to the fact that it exists, casting its huge shadow over the realms of creative thinking.

I really respect and am excited by the fact that gaming is being pushed forward more and more, with new ideas and gameplay elements creating both new genres and a broader spectrum, in terms of experience, within already existing ones. It’s just that I wish things felt a little more organic than they are right now. I wish new ideas didn’t have to be labelled so ungraciously, sought out and picked apart in great depth, causing developers to second guess themselves and get stage fright just when they had something good going on.



With Gametrailers doing a full-on retrospective for Resident Evil, it would be hard to top that. Instead, I’m presenting to you one of the finest extra modes in gaming: Mercenaries. The objective is simple enough: make it through a gauntlet of zombies and creatures with a time limit. Think you can handle it? Read more… »


It was no secret that in the early nineties, the console war between Sega and Nintendo was starting to wane. Nintendo was having incredible success with the NES and Gameboy franchises, while Sega was left with a moderately popular console and general underdog status. Other console developers (such as Panasonic and Sony) were starting to notice a rapidly growing market and set to developing competitors to snare market share away from the Big 2. Read more… »


Games get cancelled. Some are good, some are bad. Some are great, some are so great that the mere fact that they were cancelled leaves you crying yourself to sleep every night whimpering their name. This is the Gamer Limit Top 10 Cancelled Games. Bring tissues.


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Power Trip #1: Contra
By: | March 3rd, 2009


In this new feature, I’ll be taking a look at memorable power-ups and upgrades from video games past and present.  These could range from classics like Pac-Man’s power pellet to more modern power-ups like perks in Call of Duty.  If it’s interesting, I’ll cover it.

To start things off I take a look at a power-up dating back to 1987.  In a game where enemies bull rush you and bosses fill the screen, there is only one choice for total proliferation.  If your style of extraterrestrial extermination calls for no less than 45 degrees of death, then click continue for more.



Comics are a constant source of inspiration in both the worlds of movies and video games, but despite this there are an incredible amount of games out there taking nothing but the title from this medium.  In this list I have compiled what I believe are five games that deserve the transition from pen to pixel, however, it is all a matter of opinion so if you have any comments, criticisms or additions to the list feel free to make yourself heard. Read more… »


Nothing could have prepared me for Shenmue II. Going into my experience with the game, I had no expectations. The only person I knew that even played the original Shenmue hated it, but I still decided to give it a try. What I found was astounding: Shenmue is not just a game, it’s an experience. Shenmue II exhibits beauty, perfect zen, and left me in tears.



Street Fighter: if you say those two words to anyone they mean something, gamer or not,  everyone has heard of this iconic series. Street Fighter is often heralded as one of the best, if not the best fighting game of all time. It’s left a grand legacy, and with the recent release of Street Fighter IV, take our hand as we guide you through it.


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Retro Revival
By: | March 1st, 2009


With the 20th February seeing the release of both Street Fighter IV and the SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on both the XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3, it made me realize the sudden rise in what seems to be a Retro Revival.

First of all let’s look at the obvious parts of the sudden revival in the two cases mentioned in the prior paragraph; with the release of a new game in the Street Fighter franchise and also the release of a collection of Mega Drive classics.