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Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a JRPG tragic.

There, I said it. I’m not ashamed of it. But who can blame me? I grew up with some of the best console RPG titles to ever grace the chips of a cartridge. Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star, Secret of Mana – the list goes on. Every generation since the NES has given gamers a plethora of fantastic stories, great characters, and extraordinarily eccentric villains. What fan could forget Kefka from FF3? Read more… »


Welcome to the Gamer Limit Money Shot, where the fine folks here at Gamerlimit bring you the best gaming deals of the week. Stop by here every Sunday for the chance to get the most for your gaming dollar each and every week. Read more… »


The Gamer Limit Sunday Soapbox is a Sunday-only set of Gamer Limit articles straight from the minds of your favorite writers and editors. Think of the soapbox as a blog post or diary entry that we want you to see. Content will will be limitless, ranging from feelings about what we’ve been playing, to reactions to a piece of news.

Keep in mind that these aren’t your standard news, features and previews that you’re used to, and significantly more grounded in opinions and personal feelings. As such, you’ll be getting a much deeper look into the minds of the staff here at GL. Read more… »


Every time we get a brand new franchise that we love, we pray to the Gods of Gaming that they don’t cock up the inevitable sequel. This isn’t to say that the sequels are bad games, they just pale in comparison to what came before. Occasionally we’ll get games that stand tall over their predecessors, like Street Fighter II or Soul Calibur 2. But more often than not we’re given a game that will disappoint us from start to finish, simply because we can’t help but compare it to the previous game. This is Gamer Limit’s Top 10 Disappointing Sequels. Read more… »


What do The Amazon, Transylvania, and The Moon have in common? They’re all robbed blind by Scrooge McDuck of course! Gone were prejudiced thoughts that Uncle Scrooge never actually earned his wealth; you got to risk your life personally to ensure he became the world’s richest duck.

DuckTales, Wooo hooo!


Everyone loves retro games, playing that old Sonic or Mario game from 10 years ago gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. But can games nowadays give you that feeling? Or will you have to wait 10 years so you can reminisce? It seems that developers want to renew that warm nostalgic feeling, and making sequels just doesn’t cut it any more. Rebooting old games for new systems is becoming quite popular. But is it what we really want?

It seems that remaking a game from long ago can be seen as one of two things; either a fantastic idea, or a cheap cop-out. Got no ideas? Lets remake that game from 8 years ago! Throw on some pretty new graphics and apparently it’s a brand new game. Personally 90% of the time I think it’s a terrible idea, games should only be remade if there is an irrefutable demand for them. Games like Final Fantasy 7 or Ocarina of Time have had fans demanding remakes for years, and strangely enough, the games that are demanded the most, are the ones we do not get. Instead we get remakes like Tomb Raider Anniversary, which really, nobody wants.


The OFLC tells us it's "Informing our choices". That sound wrong to anyone else?

On or around the 4th of February this year, a funny thing happened in Australia. Across the entire country, copies of WoW, Guild Wars, Warhammer Online and a raft of other MMORPGs were suddenly pulled off the shelves. Many were perplexed as to why this was occurring, especially since most of the titles had been available for quite a few years.

The issue was thus – previously, games that did not have offline content, as in titles that required an internet connection to play, were not required to be classified. Under the National Classification Code, MMORPGs sat in a grey space. There was no obvious path of action, no pre-determined campaign to play through. Every person who entered the online space would have a completely different experience.


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DS-i Don’t See Why..?
By: | March 17th, 2009


When mankind finally rips the last of the planets natural resources from its still warm breast and throws itself off into the inky black darkness of space, the only eyes left to bear witness to the destruction of the universe at the hands of a Sun going nova will be the statues and monuments erected in the name of past glories and fantastical triumphs, in celebration of a mammal that got ideas above its station the moment it learned to stop falling out of trees and get on with evolving.

Unless you’re a sci-fi fan, in which case the Matrix will probably be destroyed by an army of rouge Terminators who are eventually bought down by Batman in camo gear and Bluetooth headset (or you’re a Creationist still struggling with the concept of dinosaurs and learning that saying you’re right doesn’t mean you are even if you say it really loudly whilst wearing a rented lab coat). Read more… »


If you believe what you read on most forums and mainstream game media, the Playstation Network is touted as the best model for online console gaming. The reasons are many – the marketplace is easy to navigate, the content is priced properly, there’s a wide open space to interact with other gamers, and so on. Most of these justifications are perfectly sound and completely valid. I’ve enjoyed dancing in a line in the middle of the PSN Home movie theater with the best of them.


Advisor to Gordon Brown on knife crime

Advisor to Gordon Brown on knife crime

Father Of Murdered Schoolchild, Damilola Taylor, Calls For Higher Tax On Violent Games. Once again we find ourselves between the two stools of empathetic understanding and wanting to give someone a good hard slap in Blighty this week, as a sympathetic nation watches a knee jerk reaction runs head-long into kicking commonsense.

In a move that would have had a blind man saying ‘I know, Shep’ as his seeing-eye-dog warned of its approach, the video game sector has once again been hauled up before the condemning eyes of the moral majority and flung prostrate upon the mercies of an audience no judge would listen to anyway.


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Power Trip#2: Resident Evil 2
By: | March 12th, 2009


In this week’s edition of Power Trip, I explore Resident Evil 2 just in time for Resident Evil 5′s upcoming release.  Resident Evil may seem an obscure place to find an item that could power up the protagonist the level of near god hood, but one such enhancement exists in Resident Evil 2.  In a city where 9mm ammunition is like gold and finding a little green shotgun shell box will make you wet your pants, the following item is practically the Holy Grail.


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Online Gaming; Fun Killer?
By: | March 12th, 2009


From the NES to the PS2 multiplayer has been a big factor in gaming. The N64 doubled that with 4 controllers ports, allowing up to 4 friends to play each other at the same time. Games like Goldeneye and Super Smash Bro’s were an instant hit. The Dreamcast also sported 4 ports and the PlayStation 2 had a multi-tap to increase the amount of players allowed to participate in a game. But what happened to friends all huddled around one television, laughing and smiling? The answer lies in one word; online.