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As video gaming becomes increasingly accessible and ventures further into mainstream culture, it would seem only natural that eSports follow suit. One organisation keen to help this happen is The United Kindgom eSports Association (UKeSA), who organise and deliver gaming tournaments across many platforms and even more gaming genres – from sports sims like FIFA 09 to FPS shooters like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. On top of this, they are currently laying the foundations for GameOn!, an event that promises to set a new benchmark for UK video game expos.

Mike Benbenek is one of the figures at the forefront of this operation and was kind enough to enlighten us on what the future holds for eSports, why the entrance age needs to be higher and how gaming is comparable to sex in the UK… hit the jump to read the full interview.



When Gas Powered Games’ recently released RTS/RPG hybrid Demigod was launched, connection and matching problems crippled its ability to operate from Day 1. Frustrated and angry gamers flooded the developers forums, baring for blood, as the multiplayer-only title was unable to deliver on its main event.

In this frantic rush to save their game from market dissolution, GPG turned to GameRanger Technologies, developer of online gaming matchmaking service GameRanger, to solve its pressing connectivity issues and get their customers… well.. gaming again. It worked. So well in fact that even after GPG had repaired its software, many still preferred to use the alternative.

A modern day Kali? Intrigued, I dug deeper to find out more.


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Game Dev: Ballroom Blitz
By: | July 1st, 2009


Last week I was in the presence of gaming Icons. Giving a talk as part of the Video Game Nation exhibition in Manchester’s (England) Urbis, were the famed, fantastic and frantic Oliver Twins of Blitz Games Studios. Some of you may know them from knowledge of Blitz, others may have seen those cheesy documentaries about bedroom development, and then there’s the obsessed few clutching the nostalgia of Dizzy games to their chest (or maybe just clutching a stack of Dizzy cassettes.)


Flying, laser eyes, weather control, telepathy, magnetic manipulation.  These are just a few of the abilities that mutants of the X-Men universe possess.  Each is more fantastical than the last, but not every X-Men has flashy powers.  In fact, one mutant I know of is nothing more than a walking blob of Jell-O, absorbing bullets and self repairing injuries effortlessly.  What’s more, inside that infallible husk of flesh is a skeleton the same as yours and mine, only it’s made of the hardest stuff on earth; adamantium.  Wolverine’s durability isn’t exactly the most glamorous super power, but it isn’t his mutant condition that sets him apart from all others.  It’s his unabated rage. Read more… »


Between the mid 80s and early 90s, Amstrad were one of the largest manufacturers of IBM PCs on the market, especially in Europe and Australia. Considered a premium brand at the time, Amstrad lead the way in innovate products that suited specific elements of the market. Near the end of their golden years, Amstrad struggled to compete with their now growing number of competitors. Cheaper, faster, smaller and well, cheaper, Amstrad needed to push themselves out of the ordinary develop something extraordinary, especially for its time.

A product that appealed to both aspects of the PC market, and also revolutionary enough to save their market share. This product was the Amstrad Mega PC.



Best known for blasting out the latest chart hits and mouthing off about popular culture that all too often involves celebrity booze binges, BBC Radio 1 is not exactly the go-to place for your latest gaming information. However, this is all set to change in a weeks time, with the promise of a major three-day weekend involving everything video games, including a phone-in for listeners to request music from games and a “best game ever” poll. Hit the jump for more information and the press release.



The Big Daddy is one of the meanest enemies you’ll find in a game. It’s a man turned into a monster and when you take them on, you prepare yourself. First appearing in the game Bioshock you fight a fair few of them throughout the game, although you avoid them when you can. Hit the jump to find out more about these hulking creatures. Read more… »


East India Company is a new upcoming naval warfare RTS from Nitro Games and Paradox Interactive.  Set upon the high seas, you command a fleet of ships and battle with rival companies for supremacy of trade routes.  Managing and maintaining a maritime monopoly is the name of the game.  Will East India Company have you shivering timbers or leave you with a soggy case of scurvy?  Read on for more about my sneak peek of the game.



Want to know what the winning lottery numbers are tonight? Do you want to know who will win the World Series? What about what is for dinner? When are you going to die? How much money will you make in your lifetime? Who will the love of your life be? Well, with Fable II‘s See The Future DLC you can do none of the above!


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Power Trip #6: Braid
By: | May 7th, 2009


This week’s power-up comes from a very unlikely protagonist.  He’s as subtly gifted as he is short.  The abilities he possesses aid him in warping the very fabric of reality to his beckon call.  No pesky keys or trick ladders will stop him from piecing together the puzzle of his life and finding his princess.  Caught in a world of obscurity and loneliness, the only constant he has is the power to defy consistence. Read more… »

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Retro Reunion: Actraiser
By: | April 19th, 2009


This Sunday’s Retro Reunion will be covering a classic game that didn’t get enough love; Actraiser. Coincidentally, Actraiser will be our game of the week on our new Retro podcast (to be released in a matter of days).

If you told me that mixing traditional platforming with a Sim City esque God game in the SNES era would have become an instant classic; I would have been skeptical. Against all odds, Actraiser manages to perfectly balance both genres into one unique package. Read on to find out if it’s your cup of tea. Read more… »


Another Friday here at the Gamer Limit offices means that Colin lets us off our leashes and lets us play what we want to. There’s quite a variety of games on video for those who are looking for them. Most of the AAA titles are currently behind us, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t games that don’t deserve some of our attention. Whether you’re playing Guitar Hero: Metallica or making a getaway in the Wheelman, let us know what’s up with you this weekend. Read more… »