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Blizzard has smashed records with World of Warcraft. Over 12 million subscribers is an incredible feat, and it is currently estimated that World of Warcraft holds 62% of the MMO market share worldwide. With more MMOs shutting down, WoW still reigns supreme.

What can Blizzard do to top themselves? What should their next move be after the 3rd WoW expansion? The answer is simple: make a new MMO based off a successful Blizzard IP with the goal of sucking in anyone who has never shown previous interest in the MMO genre. The answer is Galaxy of Starcraft. Read more… »


Nike to sports, McDonald’s to hamburgers, Apple iPod to mp3 players; almost every major consumer industry has a handful of iconic companies that embody almost everything that industry is about. But what about the video gaming industry? An industry that has existed for decades, is the love of schoolkids everywhere and whose subject matter sparks the interest of art galleries, movies, the Guinness Book of World Records, must have icons of its own!

This list hopes to pick out the icons that not necessarily look the coolest or the most beautiful, but are recognisable and punchy like the Nike tick.