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Originality, where art thou?
By: | February 10th, 2009


Originality debates have been thrown around back and fourth all the time. We need to face it. We are in a day and age where being original in games is either unusual, or a hit or miss affair. Being original is a very risky task, and anyone that attempts it is usually met with failure, despite praises to the contrary. We enjoy more of the same no matter how many times we demand originality: we always go back to more of the same.


Recently some people have been complaining. They say that Resident Evil 5 has lost the survival horror aspect of the series. Other people also didn’t think Dead Space was a true survival horror game, because it was too easy. As for Silent Hill homecoming? You guessed it. Even more people complaining that the franchise no longer feels like a true survival horror. Yes, the survival horror genre is a tough cookie to crack, especially when games designers are trying to come up with fresh concepts for a sequel. So I’ve cleverly stolen other peoples ideas and put them into one helpful list that should enable any games designer to make a perfect survival horror game.



With a tandem of demos of two of the Spring’s biggest games, games we have to review, and games on the ever growing (have mercy on us gaming gods) backlog, there ain’t no shortage of games to play here!



Sometimes in life you will find that you have seen or experienced something amazing, and nobody was there to share it.  If you’ve ever seen a shooting star whilst walking alone, or watched a bird of prey swoop down and snatch a mouse before winging away, you will know how it feels. You find yourself wanting to shout “hey! Look at this!” but nobody hears you. You are left standing alone and in awe. These things happen in games too, but now that multi-player is bringing everyone together you never need be alone again. “Did anybody just see that!” you will ask, “yep” will come the reply. Read more… »

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Kung-Fu Panda Rant
By: | February 2nd, 2009


Kung-Fu Panda: An awful young child targeted movie turned into an equally awful game.

The Blob: Something that should be considered a review, wants to be considered a review, but only talks about how bad something was. Resulting in a blob of negativity.



Well another week is over and yet again it’s time to touch base with our sister site Casualty Gamer, check out the latest hot stories below.



Anyone who has been to a Killzone forum would of noticed it has lit up with fan posts demanding why didn’t it get a perfect score, aka IGN AU 9.0, IGN 9.4 rating, or more curiously why is it rated below Resistance 2.. Well below we try to help answer those questions.



Videogames have invaded the mainstream, and while the games themselves might have evolved, there has always been a percentage of players that dedicate themselves to the hobby completely, the “hardcore”. And while games have grown in ways that were expected, the term hardcore has become something no one can even describe. Read more… »


Ensemble Studios (the Age of Empires series) has completed Halo Wars and has sent it to be manufactured, and I ask, who, outside of the Halo fanboydom, honestly cares? Halo as a series has perpetually gone downhill; with Halo: Combat Evolved breaking onto the scene way back in 2001, gamers and media outlets across the world ranted and raved how it revolutionized console first-person-shooters through its sleek control scheme, engrossing story, balanced weaponry and superb AI. It was completely deserving of all the praise. With each new release, focus shifted from story to multiplayer, which I’m usually not one to complain about, however, with a story so enthralling introduced in the first installment, I couldn’t help but find myself wanting more at the end of the series. I know Bungie has it tucked away, waiting to let the beast out on the world.


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New to Gamer Limit?
By: | January 24th, 2009


Are you new to Gamer Limit? Find out what we’re about below. Read more… »


Hideo Kojima made headlines by announcing “15 films that influenced the Metal Gear Solid series”. Some of the chosen movies range from obvious (Goldfinger) to obscure (Bourne Identity), but fear not readers! Gamer Limit takes an in-depth look at each of the films Mr. Kojima chose, and why he may have chosen them. Any spoilers outside of a general plot outline will be marked within the analysis. If you love the Metal Gear series, or classic film, this is a must read.


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By: | January 22nd, 2009


So it’s finally happened. The MMO genre has gotten so godforsakenly large that every game developer/publisher and their mothers think they can produce a smash hit and rake the mounds of cash in. And its hard to argue with them. With World of Warcraft breaching the 11 million players mark just a couple weeks back and competitors such as Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic on the horizon, its no surprise a lot of companies are trying their hand at competing with the best.

However, as time has shown, the beast that is WoW will not go down easily, if it ever does. Yet, Namco Bandai (huh?) is taking their turn with hopes that a predominant anime series cultivates enough of a following to give them an edge over Blizzard. The series? Dragonball.