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IGN put up a respectable article the other day regarding things they’d like to see in SquareEnix’s Kingdom Hearts 3. The article was detailed about the things they would like to see, however I honestly felt that there were more points that could have been touched on.

After a little bit of reminiscing about my past experiences with the Kingdom Hearts franchise my fingers instantly went to my keyboard and I started assembling my thoughts on what would be essential for making Kingdom Hearts 3 an epic threequel, once they finally stop putting far too many resources into Final Fantasy XIII. Read more… »

LAN b*tches!

I remember about a year ago, I was sitting down at home watching television when a program about professional gamers came on. At the time I was in my last semester at university, working part-time and not at all looking forward to the prospect of having to enter the big bad world of a full-time career. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do then; I guess you could say that I was at an impasse as to how my life would proceed. And I was scared.

This documentary came on and I decided to watch it, even though I was extremely jealous at the prospect of these kids getting to play video games professionally – and getting paid for it. However, this film, which was based around the KeSPA (Korean e-Sports Players Association) professionals, completely blew my mind. There was little to no enjoyment for these kids at all.



Paradox Interactive and 1C Company’s upcoming release, Majesty 2, spins the traditional RTS into a kingdom simulator.  The goal is to build recruiting structures and economic centers that will entice heroes to come to your aid.

You start off in a small section of the map and progressively move from landmark to landmark fighting off viscous demons and monsters to one day vanquish the evil that has taken over your lands. Read more… »


If there is one constant in the video game universe, it’s that red will always battle blue.  This war of attrition has been fought from the rings of Halo to the fields of Azeroth.  No one is quite sure how this epic struggle for dominance first started, but everyone does agree that the only way it will end is in blood shed.

Recently the fine makers of Mountain Dew have decided to add to this ongoing struggle with their new Red and Blue Game Fuel.  Which side will win this battle to quench your thirst? Hit the break! Read more… »


[Weooo Weooo! Fun Police is a quick look at questionable design choices in popular games]

Sometimes, developers take risks. Visionary directors might have a specific gameplay element that they want to introduce; in their minds, it’s revolutionary; but as a gamer, it just makes you want to pull your hair out!

Dead Space was a massive hit immediately upon release. Hailed for it’s innovative “non tank” controls and a return to an environment that was (gasp!) actually scary, the game was a 15-20 hour action packed romp through an infected mining ship. Read on to find out when I momentarily stopped having fun, and why! Read more… »


Most gamers all have completely different opinions when it comes to Xbox 360 achievements and PS3 trophies.  Some like them, some hate them and some just don’t really care.  One reason you see so many different opinions is because gamers can’t seem to decide whether achievements actually enhance the game play experience or not.  A large percentage of achievements are simply “busy work achievements”, which require more of a time investment then a skill investment.

Everyone once in a while though, an achievement comes along which totally changes the way a person must play a game.  To find out more about these types of achievements, hit the jump.



I don’t remember much of the late ‘80s or early ‘90s. Much of what I do remember consists of dull family holidays, punctuated by joyful trips to the amusement arcades.

It was my oasis in the barren desert of youth; the eye in the tempestuous hurricane of family tiffs and tantrums. Read more… »


There is a small amount of consistent debate around used game sales, and the idea that it’s one of the reasons developers are losing money. You don’t have to be an economist or some kind of market analyst to realise this is a completely ridiculous statement. Almost every industry, from cars, to furniture, to books, all have second-hand markets.

People have been re-selling their old goods since open markets were established in BC. So why should the games industry be any different, and how come games developers, who tend to be reasonably more opinionated then most content producers, are getting so enraged about it when no-one else does?



Lately I’ve been suffering from an unhealthy obsession with Starcraft 2. The affliction came to a head a few weeks ago when I wrote an article listing the 20 things I’d do for a Starcraft 2 beta key. I held no punches – I offered to give up my firstborn child,  finish development of Duke Nuke’m Forever, and even divide by zero.  A few days later, Blizzard Entertainment attempted to call my bluff by e-mailing the following taunt:

“When we were checking out your site, we noticed one of your writers, Josh Quinnet, posted about the 20 things he would do for a beta key.

So, if you would like to give him a key, we would like photographic evidence of the following:

Josh eating a grapefruit covered with Jif peanut butter while watching Flavor of Love with his StarCraft II tattoo showing [drawn of course...]. Both seasons would be preferred, but I guess we could settle with season 1. And please let him know that pie is indeed better than cake.”

Well, Blizzard. Challenge accepted.



One of my most beloved games of the past year is the sprawling and, at times, painfully ambitious Far Cry 2. The trouble is, I’m not entirely sure why I loved playing through it so much. At times I felt so immersed that I came close to retrieving my extra strength sun lotion from the back of the bathroom cupboard for fear of actually getting a sunburnt nose. Meanwhile, at others, I could have easily ejected and tossed the disc from my open window into the rainy night.

It is, without doubt, a game of extremes.

My love/hate relationship with this open-world FPS continues to intensify the longer I have been away from its grip. This has brought me to the conclusion that, rather than crying over spilt milk, I should concentrate on what its follow-up – tentatively titled Far Cry 3 – should add to make the series that little bit better. Welcome to the first edition of our new feature: Here’s a thought…



Every six months or so, hardcore World of Warcraft players anxiously await their new lord and savior: an up-and-coming MMO to deliver them from their addiction. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these games, despite their unbelievable hype as the “great hope” fail miserably. As a former WoW raider, I remember Age of Conan and Warhammer’s promises of a better virtual world that were never fulfilled.

Aion, the newest MMO on the block, promises exciting gameplay and a beautiful visual style. Oh yea, and you can fly. Is it everything its cracked up to be? Read my impressions of the beta, and find out. Read more… »


There are days out there when I’ll just sit on my couch and stare at my game collection.  I look at the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and dead Xbox 360 just resting (in peace) by the TV. Next to my TV is a bookshelf full of the games that I have accumulated over the years, and immediately to the left is a side table with a PSP and DS just lying there.

These days are full of admiration and disgust for me.  I have a game collection anyone would be proud of, but when I think back to my time in Cambodia, I can’t help but feel a little guilty.