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For many, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise regained a lot of appeal thanks to what the Nintendo Wii provided: motion control. Realism and approachability are two large aspects of Tiger Woods that EA continues to try and improve year after year. With motion control, the approachability and realism not only aim to appeal to casual gamers but the hardcore gamers as well – at least that is the idea.

With the Playstation Move making its way to store shelves in September, a more precise control experience atop an already solid title is a welcoming addition. As mentioned in the Sony press conference this morning, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will release a free update for Playstation Move support in time for its release. Surprisingly enough, topping the Wii version will be difficult due to the limitations of the Playstation Move controller. Read more… »

The truth: Heavenly Sword is a fantastic game. Sure, the combat isn’t the deepest, or even the most fun, but playing that game was a true joy. The fantastic characters, the interesting story, and the impressive graphics all contributed to an experience that was one of my early favorites on the PlayStation 3.

So naturally, I headed quickly to the Enslaved: Odyssey to the West booth for a fairly lengthy hands-on demo, and Ninja Theory’s new game definitely impresses.


The graphical achievements Crytek Studios reached with the original Crysis was set so high, that it became the benchmark for all games and technology to be tested and compared to.  The game went on to receive many praises for its high energy and pristine beauty.  Essentially, it became a question of how Crytek could top itself with its next installment.

After roughly three years, Crysis 2 is nearly upon us.  And after witnessing a live, hands-off extended demonstration, I can safely say that its graphical achievements don’t dissapoint.  But it gets even better, the same energy has been taken to the next level.

Although its graphical display is stunning and the gameplay is exciting to watch, it did have a few small hiccups. Read more… »

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After Google’s recent celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary put a sleeper hold on workplace productivity, it only seems right for Namco-Bandai to release a game to take advantage of the franchise’s nostalgia. With the big 30 in mind, I approached the Namco section hoping for a huge dose of either bland retro-love or bold re-imagining that pushes the franchise into a new era. With Pac-Man Championship Edition in 2007 being such a major hit, I had my money on the latter.

It turns out I was absolutely right, but not in the way I originally thought. When I picked up the Wii controller and had my first go at Pac-Man Party, I quickly realized that although it was only Pac-Man’s 30th birthday, he was playing like a Pac-Man in his mid-50′s.


I approached the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow booth with the careful reserve that I normally save for pretty women, or rabid animals. I picked up the controller and promised myself we would take it slow; the last 3D outings were painful.

So, hitting start opened the ominous book floating mid-screen, and I began a new chapter in the Castlevania universe. Read more… »


My first, and only, play through of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is one on my favorite experiences with my PS3.  It isn’t the greatest thing that ever happened to the system (that would be the blu-ray player), but it’s one of the most entertaining action/adventure games and the sequel is looking to improve upon it in every way.

The biggest problem with Uncharted was that after beating the game, there wasn’t much to do afterward.  Uncharted 2 is looking to fix that with the addition of a new multiplayer mode.  Fearing that it would be a Gears of War clone, I waited impatiently in line and gripped the controller like I was getting ready to drive for the first time. Read more… »


With E3 oficially at a close, we here at Gamer Limit were fortunate enough to sit in on many press conferences of some of the biggest names in the industry. Finding my way into Bethesda’s conference room, a small hovel consisting of 16 chairs, an Xbox 360, and Splash Damage founder and studio director Paul Wedgwood, my dreams of seeing Fallout: New Vegas quickly diminished as Mr. Wedgwood introduced his brand new FPS IP, Brink. Read more… »

We had a great opportunity in the show floor meeting rooms to meet with Andy Hong, Project Manager for the new FPS MMO Huxley: The Dystopia.  We were able to snag an interview from him, and afterwords, get our paws on a short hands-on demo of the PvP aspects of this interesting game.

Hit the jump for the juicy tidbits and hands-on impression! Read more… »


E3 is over, but that doesn’t mean Gamer Limit has ran out of things to cover!

New Super Mario Brothers Wii came as a surprise announcement for some, and a sigh of relief for others, who had heard the rumored confirmation leak some weeks ago. Many nostalgic gamers (myself included) have always wanted a traditional 2D Mario game that supported multiple players simultaneously. Although taking turns with 1-3 was fun, obviously no one wants to wait on the sidelines. Jump right in and find out if playing with 4 players is feasibly an option on a single screen. Read more… »


As the final day of E3 2009 came to a close, sighs of relief and sadness echoed through the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center. But before I could be ushered (see: dragged) out of Square Enix’s floor show, I was able to get my hands on the eagerly anticipated DS “interquel” to critically acclaimed hits Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Read more… »

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E3 Hands-On: Bayonetta
By: | June 5th, 2009


When you get naked, do your expended, voluptuous under-garments manifest into a giant dragon? I didn’t think so.

Prepare to enter a world of witchcraft, gunplay, and gratuitous skin: enter Platinum Game’s Bayonetta. Read more… »


Today we had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with members of the Atlus Online team.  Alice Ly, Brandon Cushenberry, and Palmira Farrow gave us a demonstration of their new Atlus Online website, their community, and their new MMO, Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent.

Hit the jump for an in-depth look!