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metroidheader2Nintendo has announced a brand new title in cooperation with Team Ninja, a 3rd person Metroid title known as Metroid Other M. It will include voice acting, and it will reveal a Metroid game unlike you’ve ever experienced before. It will take you deeper into Samus’ story, and her world. Hit the jump for a trailer. Read more… »


Want to stick your finger in a hole and find out just what is going on inside your body? Now you can, with the Wii Vitality Sensor, which has just been annunced at E3.

Satoru Iwata said the devide would help you see the “inner world of your body”.


Nintendo have announced a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy! This is the first time 2 3D Mario titles have appeared on one console! It appears you can even ride Yoshi!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 seems to feature new gameplay elements and even newer ways to play. Although the main difference will be Yoshi, it seems you can actually ride him in the levels unlike Super Mario Sunshine.


Owners of the Nintendo DSi have been promised the chance to create their own games with WarioWare.

Cammie Dunaway said you would decide “the very nature of the challenge”, which is a bold statement if ever I heard one. These games will then be easy to share with friends.

mariovsdkheader1A new Mario and DK game has been announced! But this time you can design your own levels from the ground up! Minis march again will be only available on the Nintendo DSi, as DSi Ware from June 8th, that’s right, this monday!


Nintendo are waxing lyrical about the DS and DSi. They have revealed Style Savvy, a fashion-fueled barrel of fun for the more feminine gamer!


James Patterson, mystery novelist is creating a ‘mystery game’ (surprise suprise) for the Nintendo DS! Womens Murder Club looks to be interesting! The game seems to be along the lines of titles like Hotel Dusk and Another Code.

More info when we get it!


Nintendo boss man Reggie Fils-Amie announced that the Wii MotionPlus would be utilised greatly on certain third party titles, including Sega’s Virtua Tennis 2009.

Looks like it could be an exciting year this console, judging by this showing.



Golden Sun for the Nintendo DS will release in 2010. It will reveal new stories, new Genji, and the ability to battle the world once more on the Nintendo DS!

No other details available at this time.


WiiSports Resort has just been announced, it’s going to include sky diving, archery, basketball, and apparently a bunch more.

The archery will require a lot of skill, and precision. You literally hold it just like you would a real bow. Its not about learning the controls, but doing what comes naturally, it’s meant to become dependent on your own skills.

From what we have seen the basketball controls are simple, you hold the Wii Remote, and shoot the “remote” without letting go. Some people are literally raising from the tip of their toes, and into the hoop. Once you find your pace, you can keep going over and over. Competition is key.

Don’t forget, it launches July 26th!


Wii Fit Plus has been announced by Nintendo. With 6 new activities to play with… but the key thing is the ability to mix and match individual elements. Read more… »


New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii has just been announced! There will be four players able to play at once, and the cooperative play with have all the classic trappings including coins, warp pipes, etc.

The main mode of the game can be played in single player mode, or with up to four players(unsurprisingly). There is a lot going on when there are four players on the screen and at the end of the level you’re given a ranking based upon coins, speed and deaths.

It will release holiday 09!