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The creators of Ico and Shadow of the Collosus have announced, The Last Guardian!

  • Stunning graphics.
  • Different model for the kid than the previous trailer.
  • Griffin is really cute, and loving.
  • Amazing lighting.
  • Exclusive for PS3!
  • You’ll feed and take care of the Griffin!
  • Not all good, there are evil soldiers!


ModNation Racers has been announced by Sony, it a modern take on classic cart racing and only possible on PS3.

  • PS3 exclusive racing game
  • Customisable Characters and vehicles, including a Monkey Butler
  • Graphics are using the full power of the PS3
  • Advanced real time physics
  • Seems to be a modern version of Mario Kart. It includes weapons and kart ramming.
  • Advanced track creator implementation, including background editor and track texture/terrain editor. Ranging from tarmac to dirt tracks.
  • Character, Track and Vehicle design sharing. Allowing for limitless levels and characters.
  • 2010 release


Sony have revealed their own version of motion control, it is similar to Nintendo’s Wiimote but with some noticeable differences.

  • True 1 to 1 tracking
  • Works with the PlayStation Eye
  • You can draw, fight and write using the remote
  • Has a glowing orb on the top end of the peripheral
  • You can use 2 remotes as a sword and shield for adventure fighting games, with extreme precision.


The first footage of Final Fantasy XIV has been shown and boy is it mind blowing. Square Enix had some hell of a surprise! Not only was footage shown, but it is a PS3 exclusive!

  • The game will be online as revealed through the footage shown
  • PS3 exclusive
  • A spiritual successor to Final Fantasy XI


Sony has revealed that Rockstar Games will be delivering Agent, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This could be fitting vengeance for Microsoft’s monopoly over GTA IV DLC.

Players will be taken around the globe, venturing through seedy underbellies everywhere. Global open-world gaming is here!?


Sony has just announced that Resident Evil Portable is heading to the PSP Go!

Joining an already stellar line-up for 2009, Resi is sure to have you shaking to your core from your toilet or bus seat later this year.


Hideo Kojima has just announced a new MGS game for the PSP! Take control of Big Boss once again and don the eye-patch in a brand new Metal Gear game.  Check out details below!

  • 10 years after MGS 3 in the 1970′s
  • Title will be Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • Not a side story or spin-off
  • Will take advantage of all the PSP features
  • Revolves around Outer Heaven
  • Kojima to be deeply involved in the game and script writing


Grand Turismo for the PSP has been announced. Creator of Gran Turismo says the PSP Go may be small, but the game is big.

  • Sixty frames per second!
  • 800 cars, 35 tracks, 60 layout variations of the tracks!
  • Single Player: Standard races, mission challenges, drift challenges, time challenges.
  • Full size Gran Turismo experience.
  • Utilizes the ad-hoc mode enabling you to race with up to four players.
  • Trading and sharing of cars between your garage and the garage of other players.
  • It is fairly difficult to gather all the cars alone, so get with your friends!
  • On display at the show floor. GamerLimit will have impressions up!



Sony have unveiled Media Go!, A new way to access the PlayStation Store – via your PC!

This means you and I will be able to spend all our invisible cash on games and demos from the comfort of our office!


Sony have announced the PSP Go! As if we didn’t know it was coming! Called the “worst kept secret of E3″, the PSP Go has some interesting features:

  • New smaller design – More than 50% smaller and 40% lighter
  • Its called the PSP go!
  • Not a replacement for the PSP 3000
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Slide out controls, blue-tooth and M2 memory card compatibility
  • Available October 1st
  • $249.99 at launch

Stay tuned!


Sony’s E3 conference kicked off with some impressive figures, including a 30% share of all gaming sales in 2008 – spread across the PS2, PS3 and PSP.

Then, an Uncharted 2 clip was met with heavy amounts of applause from the crowd. It looked sensational – we’ll be sure to post the video as and when we get it!


David Jaffe, the man behind the direction of God Of War and Twisted Metal has wasted no time in declaring that Nintendo’s press conference at E3 was “shitty”. Hit the jump to see what he said – via his Twitter, of course.