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ModNation Racers is a newly unveiled PS3 exclusive racing title, and is the latest innovation to be inspired by the “Play Create Share” trend that LittleBigPlanet set the bar for. And it looks superb – find out why after the break along with a video demonstration of the game in action.


A teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 was unveiled by Sony at today’s E3, offering some tantalising glimpses of new racing events, as well as the much sought after inclusion of damage! View the all new teaser trailer after the break.



Well what do we have here? Why it’s only Gran Turismo PSP (formerly known as Gran Turismo Mobile), the notorious portable iteration of the titanic racing series. You know, the one which was originally intended to coincide with the launch of the PSP some 4 years ago.

Delays aside, Gran Turismo PSP is finally a reality, and the first glimpse we have ever had of it in action certainly looked impressive.

The revealing trailer and a now hopefully trustful release date can all be found after the break.



Y’know, I grew up in the south and I know plenty of hillbillys. You all know what those are, right? Yeah, overalls, missing teeth, shotguns, moonshine, and lots of fishing are involved in that sort of lifestyle. Well, what happens when you put that world into post apocalyptic mode? Well, you get Fallout 3′s Point Lookout!

Fallout 3: Point Lookout releases on June 23rd!

Hit the trailer after the jump, and consume even more media assets from E3 2009!



Sony decided to finally give everyone a taste of live gameplay from their upcoming FPS epic, MAG.  With eight players on the stage, and 248 players…somewhere else, it was time to view the game as it should be, 128 vs 128.

Hit the jump for our first impressions.


During their press conference earlier today, Sony unveiled some gameplay footage for Assassin’s Creed 2, a game that is being approached with caution following the original’s shortcomings. Hit the jump to see how far the series has come, other than Renaissance Italy!



Sony have announced the PSP Go! As if we didn’t know it was coming! Called the “worst kept secret of E3″, the PSP Go has some interesting features, hit the jump to check them out plus the conference feed! Read more… »

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Golden Sun DS Debut Trailer!
By: | June 2nd, 2009


Golden Sun was one of the most successful RPG’s on the Game Boy Advance. Finally a sequel is headed our way for the Nintendo DS in 2010; and I’m sure that it’ll live up to its legacy. Check out the trailer after the jump. Read more… »


Uncharted 2 is undoubtably one of Sony’s most important exclusives of the year, and the extended gameplay footage which was shown at the start of today’s E3 Conference shows real promise for the final release.

The full video can be found after the break in all of its epic glory.



Nintendo have revealed an all new Super Mario Bros game, but this time it’s on your Wii not the DS. With all new 4 player gameplay and sweet 3D graphics; the game looks awesome. Is this the next step for Mario? Check out the footage inside. Read more… »

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer
By: | June 2nd, 2009


Super Mario galaxy is one of the best selling games for the Wii, and today Nintendo revealed the sequel to that game. Galaxy 2. This is the first time a 3D Mario title has been released twice on a single console. Hit more for the trailer. Read more… »


Sony Santa Monica gave us a live demo of God of War III, and it is quite exciting. The ending of Kratos, Zues, and Greek Mythology as we know it is here.

  • Very quick action, new combat abilities from the previous games.
  • Dark and brooding, just like GoW 3 fans like it!
  • Huge enemies!
  • Riding enemies to reach new destinations.
  • Absolutely HUGE boss battles.
  • Kratos can glide through the air with black wings.
  • Large worlds full of massive detail.
  • Yes, there are Quick Time Events!
  • Brutal executions!
  • Surprises around just every corner in regard to the enemies, and who will attack you from where. You will always be on your toes.
  • Exclusive to PS3!