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Bethesda showcased four different titles, and of the four, Fallout: New Vegas was the most well known.  Ironically, Rage, Brink, and Hunted were the lesser known, but because of their solid display, they quickly became the focal point of discussion whenever Bethesda was brought up.

Simply put, New Vegas was a disappointment for me, and because Vegas was once a place I called “home,” it was the title I was looking forward to most.  While it may sound contradictory, or even slightly biased, my impressions of the demonstration are completely separate from how I feel the overall game will be upon release and with good reason too. Read more… »

Since the advent of the WoW era, countless subscription MMOs have begun with a fanfare before slowly fading into free-to-play obscurity. While many fun games in this genre have been created, the life-blood of any MMO’s long term success hinges on one all-important factor: end-game content. If there isn’t something fun to do once you’ve bumped up against the level cap, players will eventually move on to the next big thing.

This is why I was impressed with the way Sony Online Entertainment chose to show off their superhero MMO on the E3 floor. Instead of a standard PvE walkthrough of features, when I picked up the controller for some hands-on time with the game, I was thrown immediately into a PvP battle with other live players, intended to be one form of endgame content once the game launches.


I feel bad for Nintendo. Their press conference had an abysmal display of the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They couldn’t get anything to work correctly, and the Internet ate them alive for it.

I took it upon myself to determine whether or not their debacle on stage was legitimate interference, or poor design. I’m happy to report that LoZ: SS isn’t only one of the best looking games on the Wii, but it works perfectly.

Now, my childhood dream of controlling sword and shield independently is coming closer to fruition. Read more… »

OK, so the picture IS a joke.  There aren’t any images of the new system (yet), but it can supposedly create a 3D effect without requiring the use of those goofy 3D glasses that you had to wear at Avatar.

You know, like the Virtual Boy.  Except that Nintendo might know what they’re doing this time.



Before I can even begin this review, I must preface it by saying that Hearts of Iron III is not for 75% of gamers out there (maybe more). It is for the hardest of the hardcore strategy gamers. Thanks to a ridiculous learning curve and poor tutorial system, new comers to the HoI series should expect to put in a few days of learning before playing the game.

That being said, let me add that Hearts of Iron III is one of the most in depth strategy games ever made. If you are willing to sit down and try to figure out whats going on, you will  have a very rewarding experience. Read more… »


E3 just won’t go away. It’s been 3 weeks since it officially came to a close, but the results of the annual Best of E3 Game Critics Awards have now been announced. And the winner is…Uncharted 2: Among Thieves!

Whilst Gamer Limit’s very own hand picks of the show standouts ultimately differed, Uncharted 2 stubbornly went on to win another 2 awards in addition to the “Best of Show”, by being awarded the “Best Console Game” and “Best Action/Adventure Game.”

But Uncharted 2 wasn’t the only winner – read on for a full lowdown of all the awards after the break!



In case you didn’t know, E3 2009 was’s first. We worked our butts off to bring you the very best coverage from the show and we hope you enjoyed it while it lasted – it felt like a couple of days for you but, for us, it was a lifetime’s work!! The following set of handy links is your guide to E3 2009, according to Gamer Limit. Enjoy!



It wouldn’t be a big show without awards afterward! Gamer Limit has deliberated for hours, and broken down each offering to give you our “best of E3 awards”.

Hop aboard and find out our picks for best overall game, best action game, best RPG, and most fulfilling announcement. Read more… »


Is it me or has the Guinness World Book of Records been a lot more public in the video game industry, and beyond? It seems that this company of record holding is looking to gain more popularity. It’s too bad their books are far too expensive.

The keeper of the Book was on hand at E3 to hand out awards to people like Major Nelson, Infinity Ward, and Blizzard Entertainment. Hit the jump to see all of the interesting records broken in the past year involving the world of videogames! Read more… »


That nerdy/crazy/awesome/funny host of the Late Show, Mr. Jimmy Fallon has just confirmed via twitter that we should expect a “Mini-E3″ next Wednesday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The same man who had Keifer Sutherland record a voicemail on his iPhone is going to have a very awesome, very special guest on his show.



This weeks Playstation Store update has been a bumper E3 special, offering a plethora of E3 related game trailers along with a smattering of new playable and downloadable content thrown in for good measure.

Check out this week’s mammoth update in full after the break.


Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the LimitCast. On this somewhat quiet Friday as gamers and bloggers board their planes back to the motherland, we thought we’d give you something to enjoy listening to. Join Steve, Paul, Clance as we discuss the latest happenings coming out of E3 2009. Also, we have a guest and friend of the site Mr. Rob Pimentel who joins our panel throughout the show.