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With all the hype surrounding Sony, it is obvious that they have something up their sleeves that nobody really knows about yet. Although most likely it focuses more on hardware, you never know what new games might be announced.  That being said, they still have several confirmed games to play at their booth and have just released a list letting us know what people can get their hands onto. Remember, this doesn’t include any of the secret games, or surprise announcements.



It seems like Electronic Arts is on a roll, year after year releasing at least one or two big hits. They just released a list of the titles that they are for certain showing off at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo. This doesn’t include any secret games, or anything that might be announced via press conference.



Why should Nintendo and Sony have all the fun?  Word has been circulating for some time that Microsoft is itching to bust into the handheld gaming market.  Team Xbox has recently reported that the juggernaught company is in the final stages of the new handheld, and it will feature Live Anywhere.  Click continue for more. Read more… »


A lot of anticipation is being built around Beyond Good and Evil 2. With the new footage that was released last week, to all the talk about E3 is looks like Ubisoft decided to put their foots down and let everyone know the bad news.


wwwdotuporg24559Sometimes, scouring message boards can yield false, outrageous, and overly malicious comments that can cause the the Pope’s ears to gush blood at abnormal rates. However, other times, the forum can hold the holiest of grails, and thanks to Gametrailer’s forum member “hweita,” we’ll soon be greeted by Hideo Kojima’s new project on May 18th. Read more… »


In an unexpected turn of events, Atari has pulled out of E3. Although anyone could speculate on why they did such a thing, we’ll leave that for later. Although we do not have any confirmation, we do have a quote from Atari public reltaions.



In order to build up the hype for E3 just a little bit more, we thought we would let you know that your favorite boys from across the pond songs for The Beatles: Rock Band will have only a partial revelation. Although that’s disappointing, it’ll be enough to tide us over.



Microsoft news has been a dime a dozen this week regarding the latest rumors that Microsoft is going to release a motion-control peripheral for the Xbox 360. What is Microsoft going to have to do this year to win the show? Well here’s what I think…



Mega Man 10? Resident Evil 6?  Devil May Cry 5? What exactly does Capcom have in store for us this June?  Capcom-Unity has been kind enough to share the majority of the showcased games that will appear at the convention.  Although you’ll likely be familiar with most of the list, it’s what isn’t on the list that really catches the eye.  Hit the jump and start sleuthing.



Although this isn’t a surprise to many, perhaps it will go a long way to relieve your fears and let you know that your beloved Mass Effect 2 will be showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 2-4. One of the developers had an interesting tidbit about the fate of Colonel Shepard to share on his blog. Hit the jump to hear what he had to say.



This year shall be the year of software, or so many people say. With all three consoles at least two years into their cycles, a lot of information about the games we’ll being playing on them will come out of E3 this year. Each of the big three console makers are marking their territory and are all claiming that they’re going to kick some serious ass this year. Check out what each of them had to say in their ESA press releases. By the way, did you know GamerLimit is sending five journalists to E3 this year?



Little bit upset you can’t make it to E3? Don’t have a decent net connection to stream video?

Well, worry no more, US cable gaming channel G4 has been named official broadcaster of E3.

Promising over 22hrs of live coverage, including the presentations by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, as well as other press events, it will certainly be a turn-around on previous expos, where live coverage was limited to online streams by gaming websites.

G4 will start it’s on-air and online broadcasts from June 1st. See the full release after the jump.