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What isn’t surprising, President and CEO of Ubisoft just announced that they are already working on games for Project Natal. Although they don’t have anything to announce today, he did assure us that they are incredibly excited about the content that they will be able to create.

Project Natal continues to make waves in the industry.


The first announcement from the Ubisoft press conference is ‘uPlay’, another online distribution/social networking tool, details are still sketchy but it’s planned to be released by the end of the year and will be included in Splinter Cell: Conviction and Avatar.


Get ready for the next big line up from Xbox Live Arcade!  Here are the announced titles that will grace your digital console in the coming year: Splosion Man, Shadow Complex, TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-shelled, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Battlefield 1943, Joy, and Trials HD.

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If you’re like the rest of us here at GamerLimit, Project Natal absolutely blew your mind. At first it looked gimmicky, but once Milo hit the stage I think the concensus became much more positive. While its retail debut is likely afar off, there are plenty of media assets to enjoy.

Miss the Microsoft Press Conference? This is what we were treated to live, and the video you’ll be watching over and over. If this works the way they showcased it…Microsoft has made leaps in the industry today.



Without going too much into the back story of this (just posted a story about Kojima!), a mysterious listing has just been spotted on Games Press. Hit the jump to see what it said!



Microsoft has now partnered with, a service that allows you to stream music straight to your PC. Although the details haven’t been worked out yet, apparently you are able to listen to various artists of your choice while playing any Xbox Live game straight through the dashboard.

Count me in for listening to various power metal songs during Left For Dead 2 next year! We’ll have more details as they arise during E3.


If today’s announcement of a Metal Gear Solid game for the Xbox 360 was too much to take, be prepared for yet more from the industrious mind of Hideo Kojima. The teaser site that we previously reported on (here, here and here!) went from pouring rain to sunshine recently – with a link to a mysterious masked site somewhere in there too. It’s safe to say that it was all a little too much to decipher, but now it looks as though Kojima is trying to send a message out regarding the rest of E3.



Online Franchise will allow you to trade, to shcedule, and play with all of your friends. There’s even going to be an iPhone app to set yourself up. They said we wanted it, and they delivered. It will ship with Madden 2010.


We’re sad that Moore didn’t have a new tattoo, but glad that EA Sports is going into the MMA franchise. It is well into development, but there is not much else known besides that. We should expect a Q2-Q4 release in 2010.


During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Square-Enix has revealed the first ever gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XIII running on 360 hardware. The video shows a boss battle and Lighting summoning Odin.

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If you’re like the rest of us, Milo was an incredible thing to behold for the first time. I’m certain that many people are enjoying sitting by the pond with Milo right now, but Peter M. wanted to let everyone know via his Twitter that Milo is actually a game.

I suppose there is much more to it than just an ambitious tech demonstration. I’d say we’ll see Milo when Project Natal hits retailers…someday.

It all came together in just a day, rumors, and then confirmation. Halo Reach will go all the way back before the story of the original Halo and also apparently include a brand new multiplayer experience.

Check out this teaser, and make sure and preorder ODST for the Reach multiplayer beta.