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Hello and welcome to Gamer Limit, where we are covering E3 (as you may have noticed) in a big way this year. In case you missed anything from yesterday, let us inform you of the highlights from June 1 2009.



Ready to enter the world of demons and darkness? Atlus has released a new E3 trailer for the upcoming action RPG, Demon’s Souls. The trailer shows a couple of cinematic and battles, even one against a giant knight. Along with the trailer, the official American website for Demon’s Souls has gone live. We rated the import version highly, so you may want to check it out.

Hit the jump for the E3 trailer and official press release.



Shh. Don’t tell anyone else. Okay? Come closer…little closer, wait no, too close. Okay, right there! This blogger had never really heard of Brutal Legend before watching the Electronic Arts press briefing yesterday. Now don’t tell anyone! Don’t need any embarrassment.

Instead of blabbing to your neighbor, why don’t you enjoy the latest trailer just like I did?



When we were told at the begining of the press event that we would see games, we did. We saw trailer after trailer, demonstration after demonstration, then of course the beautiful Project Natal. According to Microsoft’s Shane Kim, we haven’t seen everything yet.



Hey Limiters! If you didn’t notice, yesterday during the press conferences there was a major influx of news over only a few minutes. We’re reporting live, for you, what is happening at these major press conferences. This will continue today with Nintendo and Sony. We just wanted to let you know what was going on, so you can know when you expect the goodies.

Nintendo’s conference begins at 9.00am PST/5.00pm BST/6.00pm CET today.

Sony’s conference begins at 11.00am PST/7.00pm BST/8.00pm CET today.


The New Mario RPG has just been confirmed for US release. Where Mario and Luigi are shrunk down and go inside Bowser! The game still utilities the DS’s 2 screens as Partners in time did, and it looks just as great.

Bowsers Inside Story will be available this Fall for both North America and Europe!  Hit the jump for the trailer. Read more… »


During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Infinity Ward revealed a quick demo of their upcoming first-person shooter, Modern Warfare 2. Soap returns as Captain, and he’ll be giving Roach (you) orders. The demo showed a snow level filled with explosions, ice-climbing and snowmobiles.

Hit the jump to watch the video.


gle34After 25 years of turtle power, the famous four heroes in a half shell are back and badder than ever. Developed by Game Arts, who are widely known as a contributor on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the game sees all the favourite characters: Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello. Not forgetting Splinter, Shredder and April all make appearances.


Yes, sir. We’ve all been reading about Assassins Creed 2 and were glad to hear these exciting new details about what could potentially be an amazing game.

  • November 17th, 2009 is the release date.
  • Stunning new visuals.
  • Same great gameplay
  • Takes place in the Renaissance
  • Amazing CGI, very crowded worlds.

It looks as if we’re in for more of the same, but even better.


Brazilian soccer football legend Pele – arguably the best player ever – came on stage during the Ubisoft conference to announce Academy of Champions for the Nintendo Wii.



Red Steel 2 is being touted as having incredibly realistic sword fighting, they say it will combine ‘sword and gunplay like never before‘. Wii Motion Plus is what makes the difference as it creates an ultra realistic and apparently also an incredible swash buckling in the wild west experience.

Red Steel 2′s Jason Vanderberg said, “Red Steel 2 will be bundled with Wii MotionPlus!”


Ubisoft Digital Arts is hard at work using the Assassins Creed 2 engine in order to create short, live action, video productions surrounding the game. This is part of their media convergance strategy.