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Platinum Games got off to a real rocky start with MadWorld, but redeemed themselves entirely with Bayonetta – almost to the point where they couldn’t possibly top themselves. So far, they’ve dipped into a gothic fantasy realm, and a city in turmoil – but now they’re ready to snatch up the sci-fi crown with the high octane shooter Vanquish.

After a few generic trailers, Vanquish really showed it’s true colors: Gears of War on crack. Read on to find out if it can satisfy your adrenaline addiction Read more… »

The original Red Faction is a personal favorite of mine; Memories of playing that game in multiplayer will forever stick with me, mostly due to the ridiculous and unnecessary destruction I caused simply because it was so much fun. So when Red Faction: Guerrilla was announced, I was understandably excited. More destruction? Better gameplay? Sign me up.

Now, after the fantastic Guerrilla, Volition Inc. has given a closed-doors demonstration of the fourth entry in the series, Red Faction: Armageddon, at E3 here in Los Angeles, and it’s taking the series in a much different direction, forcing the characters deep underground, nearly to hell.


pacman.gif image by sohopixie6

After Google’s recent celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary put a sleeper hold on workplace productivity, it only seems right for Namco-Bandai to release a game to take advantage of the franchise’s nostalgia. With the big 30 in mind, I approached the Namco section hoping for a huge dose of either bland retro-love or bold re-imagining that pushes the franchise into a new era. With Pac-Man Championship Edition in 2007 being such a major hit, I had my money on the latter.

It turns out I was absolutely right, but not in the way I originally thought. When I picked up the Wii controller and had my first go at Pac-Man Party, I quickly realized that although it was only Pac-Man’s 30th birthday, he was playing like a Pac-Man in his mid-50′s.


I approached the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow booth with the careful reserve that I normally save for pretty women, or rabid animals. I picked up the controller and promised myself we would take it slow; the last 3D outings were painful.

So, hitting start opened the ominous book floating mid-screen, and I began a new chapter in the Castlevania universe. Read more… »

While we are all celebrating the belated confirmation of Gran Turismo 5‘s release date, it’s time to analyse the fine details of the latest trailer shown at Sony’s conference.

Me being me, the first thing I noticed were the shots from 00:59, which clearly featured the prestigious Top Gear test track complete with authentic camera angles lifted from the BBC show. Look closely however, and you will notice that his Holiness the Stig is behind the wheel in many of the shots – could this mean we can fulfill our motoring fantasies of being the very being whose genitals are upside down and who once punched a horse to the ground? F1 racing driver Sebastian Vettel can also be seen recording voice samples.

In addition, some beautiful night time shots were in ready supply, and we were also treated to another glimpse of the touted damage modelling. A Mitsubishi Evo X is seen to lose control and veer into a tyre wall, which crucially results in the car going airborne, indicating that rollovers might indeed be possible.

Revel in the excitement and see it all for yourself in the Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 trailer after the break.


A surprise announcement concluded Sony’s E3 conference: the renowend car combat series Twisted Metal will be making a comeback in 2011, featuring 2 – 4 player split screen and 16 player online.

Along with the usual carnage, a new multiplayer mode was demonstrated involving players trying to destroy a statue owned by the opposition, which involves capturing the team leader and sacrificing them to earn a missle launcher. Helicopters were also heavily featured.

It’s the announcement racing devotees have been waiting for – the release date of Gran Turismo 5 has finally been officially announced. After 6 years of waiting, rumours and lies, it’s finally coming.

And the release date is…

November 2nd 2010.



Sony’s much rumoured PSN premium service has now been finalised as “PlayStation Plus.”

The subscription based service will offer “exclusive digital content,” including early demos and priority betas, along with free content such as full psn games, themes and minis. Discounts on PSN Store items will also be available, and users will have access to an automatic downloads service.

PlayStation Plus will launch “later this month” for a fee of $49.99 for a years subscription, or $17.99 for a 3 month subscription. The first 3 months will be available for free, however.


Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation Move will be granted a September release, coming to Europe September 15th, North America Setpebmer 19th and October21st for Japan.

There will be 15 – 20 titles available on launch, including: Socom 4, Time Crisis, Raising Storm, NBA 2k11, Ruse, Killzone 3, Singstar Dance, Echochrome 2, and Eyepet.

In addition, several price bundles were announced:

  • PlayStation Move will sell for $49.99, with a standalone navigation controller available for $29.99
  • Sports Champion bundle for $99.99
  • PlayStation Move with PS3 console, PS Eye camera and Sports Champion for $399.99.

Live from Sony’s E3 2010 press conference, Killzone 3 has been confirmed for release in February 2010.

Along with 3D support, it has also been announced that the game will be fully compatible with PlayStation Move.


Needless to say, the Nintendo press conference blew everyone away.  Suspicions were confirmed and surprises were abundant.

Set to release later this year and next: Read more… »

After last week’s glorious live action teaser trailer, Ubisoft has finally unveiled Driver: San Francisco. Taking heed from the original Driver game in 1999, the game will adopt a back to basics approach with an emphasis on what the franchise was originally renowned for: hair raising, movie-style car chases.

As the title implies, the game will be set in San Francisco which again harkens back to the original. There will even be licensed cars for the first time in a Driver game, including Dodge Challengers and Ruf sports cars.

Hit the jump for further information, along with the first screenshots and videos of Driver: San Francisco.