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EA has announced that a third VIP Map pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be available on June 9th, bringing new modes to Nelson Bay and Laguna Alta – Squad Death match will now be accessible for Nelson Bay and Laguna Alta will be playable in Squad Rush.

As before, the pack will be available free of charge to those who entered the VIP code included with all new copies of the game, and will also be available for a fee on the in-game store.

To be honest, I can’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed by these updates. Being able to play these maps in extra modes is all well and good, but they should have been accessible from the outset and, now that the game has been out for 3 months and I have played it for more hours than I care to admit, I’m starting to hanker for some brand new map designs. Still, there’s always Onslaught mode on its way soon to look forward to.


It’s that special time of the week again as the European PSN Store update goes live with another heap of content. This week includes the launch of Planet Minigolf and Death Track: Resurrection, along with a playable demo for Green Day: Rock Band and additional DLC.

Read on for a complete round-up of this week’ European PSN Store update.


Another week, another PSN Store update. June 1st, or 06/01 as we state it in the US (enough of our European date format in the US PSN Store update), brings us a PSP price drop frenzy. Americans, rest assured that I will be stepping up my game in keeping you up to date as consistently as the great Martin Bigg does for our folks in the UK.

So hit the jump and enjoy the full list of updates in the US PSN Store for 06/01! Read more… »

If you have been waiting patiently for the Final Fantasy IX to arrive on the PSN Store, then today is your lucky day: it’s yours from now for just £7.99. For the rest of us however who may not be besotted with Final Fantasy, there is still plenty of content to go around, including four full games, a host of minis and and delicious DLC.

As usual, there is also a multitude of special offers – curiously Wakeboarding HD has had its price slashed after only being on sale for 2 months.

A complete roundup of this week’s PSN Store update can be found after the break.


All in all, Bioware has presented some pretty lukewarm DLC as of late – especially in the case of Dragon Age. For $5, Darkspawn Chronicles single-handedly seeks to dispel the notion of throwaway content, with an “alternate timeline” story that puts you in charge of the evil Darkspawn army, and asks the question, “What if the hero of Ferelden died before he could start his quest?”

Does it succeed in justifying its existence, or would you be better off skipping yet another piece of paid content? Read on to find out.


The latest PlayStation Store update has gone live, bringing with it a host of nourishing delights. This week sees the release of two full games, Catan and Rocket Knight, along with another batch of DLC for LittleBigPlanet, Skate 3, Nier and the first premium content for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Read on for a full list of this week’s PSN Store update.


Huckleberry Finn sure changed

It’s becoming increasingly common for DLC to be made available for games shortly after release. However, it’s rare to see it offered for free. Well, that’s just what Rockstar is promising for their upcoming Western, Red Dead Redemption.

What’s even more surprising is that the DLC will actually provide a substantial amount of new content. Read more… »

No, your eyes do not deceive you – this is indeed the correct day for this week’s PSN Store update. I know, I nearly forgot as well, but from now on the weekly European PSN Store update will be taking place on a Wednesday as opposed to Thursday.

To celebrate this momentous change, Sony have stocked up the Store with a strong host of content, including a playable demo for the upcoming riotous racer Split/Second: Velocity, Kick-Ass: The Game, some astronomically overpriced DLC for Modern Warfare 2 and, er, the soundtrack for Flower.

Read on for a full listing of this week’s PSN Store update.

So Thursdays aren’t hip anymore – Sony said so. Sure it is the thirstiest day of the week, but it is no longer a day worthy of Sony goodies. Apparently Thirsty Thursday was crowded enough already with all that liquor, as this is the last PSN Store update scheduled for Thursday.

Sorry Mark, you’re officially left without an excuse to drink on Thursdays now. But because I know that won’t stop you and the rest of the readers from throwing back a few, the PSN update party will now occur on Tuesdays! So feast your eyes on an update to remember. Word to the wise: Chase’s tears make a great chaser. Read more… »

It’s time once again to sift through the tidings of this week’s PSN Store update. Wakeboarding HD has received a playable demo after being released last week, and there’s some more DLC for Just Cause 2, Dante’s Inferno and Mega Man 10. All in all, a pretty standard update.

Also note that this week marks the last Thursday update – from next week, all Store updates are scheduled to go live every Wednesday.


If you are able to tear yourself away from God of War 3 and back into the depths of hell, April 29th is the day to do it. EA recently provided the latest detailed walkthrough for Dante’s Inferno‘s newest DLC: Trials of St. Lucia. As was shown in our review, this is sure to be an interesting DLC for a genre that has been without user creation and co-op for the most part.

As can be seen in the video, users are the core of this DLC experience. Trials of St. Lucia will provide players with the ability to contribute user generated content in the form of trials. It is then up to the players to attempt to tackle these trials with or without a friend and rate what they play to allow others easier access to the best content. Read more… »

There’s no shortage of content this week on the PSN Store, as Uncharted 2 receives some hefty downloadable content and three new PSN games are up for grabs. There’s also some playable demos of Lost Planet 2 and Greed Corp, along with the usual array of special offers, minis and DLC.

All can be revealed after the break.