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Hello there again PS3 user. As with most PlayStation Store updates this summer, disappointment is once again inevitable. Honestly, demos are the most interesting part of this week.

The three demos offered this week are Joe Danger, NHL 11, and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2. Also, for you PS+ users, you get nothing. Enjoy!. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.


Load up your Wii this week and take control of a “space jet” on a faraway planet in Calaris’ Space Trek. Outsmart the aliens to save the survivors whilst enjoying the game’s special brand of “humorous dialogue”. (700 Wii Points)

In A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots, the planet of Monsteca has become overrun by an army of robots. It’s up to you to gather the herd and defeat the invaders. This strategy game offers 20 levels and is probably the closest thing to Pikmin 3 we will be getting for a while. For 500 Wii points it doesn’t look half bad.

Hit the jump for the rest of this week’s update and Space Trek‘s hilariously bad trailer.


Another Wednesday is upon us which of course means the latest PSN Store update is ready and waiting. While there isn’t a truckload of must have content, this week’s standouts are nice and clear-cut: there’s the multiplayer Red Dead Redemption and a sterling playable demo for Mafia II, due out later this month.

Elsewhere, PlayStation Plus gets a last minute update with Pixel Racers 2nd Lap, a few new minis for sale and the usual batch of DLC for a certain pair of overworn music games.

A full list of this week’s PSN Store update awaits you after the jump.


Great PR stunt, exciting news or a handy distraction to the earlier Duke Nukem Forever rumour?  Either way the news of an unexpected piece of Bordelands DLC is nothing to turn our noses up at.  Gearbox had previously mentioned that the DLC for their highly regarded shooter was now at an end.  That is, until today.

This new slice of DLC goodness sees you trying to quash a Claptrap revolution using one of the original titles four infamous characters.  The fearless foursome find themselves caught up in the middle of civil war between the Hyperion Corporation and the massing army of crazed Claptraps led by the cunning Ninja Assassin.

To be honest the Claptraps were one of my favourite things about Borderlands so this should be a perfect blend of the zany Claptrap humour and the fantastic open world shooting.  Another skill point boost is on hand too which raises the level cap and will allow you to take your characters up to level 71.


PlayStation Store update for the United States of America has arrived this week. And, another sad day it is as there isn’t much to speak of. Maybe next week will be better to us PS3/PSP owners?

Anyhow, the most notable release this week is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game which is available for $9.99. Other than that, a couple of addons, music, and free stuff for PSN+ subscribers. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.


This week’s Nintendo Download has a mix of games for your Wii and DSi, some more interesting than others. However, I can definitively say that the most arousing downloadable title of the week is Enjoy your massage.  Six clients are waiting for you to rub them down. The game is rated E10+ for “mild suggestive themes.” At a mere 500 Wii Points and suggestive material to be had, it would be downright criminal to miss out on this one.

The rest of this week’s update can be found after the break.


This week’s PSN update is sadly rather slim on notable releases, with only a handful of worthy downloads on offer. There’s a few new scraps of DLC to be had for Bioshock 2,  ModNation Racers and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, but the highlight for some will undoubtedly be the inclusion of the PSOne fighting classic Tekken 2.

Bizarrely, there is also a playable demo of Modern Warfare 2. Because nobody bought that game when it was released some nine months ago.

The remainder of this week’s Store update can be found after the break.


Not too much of an update this week. And no PS Plus content to boot. Fret not though, for there is a Summer Sale!

I strongly recommend taking advantage of at least one game offered in the Summer Sale. If you had to choose one, definitely go with PixelJunk Shooter. It is easily one of my favorite PSN games. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.


For those of you willing to tear yourselves away from Starcraft 2 today, you will find the PlayStation Store update to be, yet again, underwhelming. Unless of course you are a football fan or a PS+ user. To the former, I applaud you. To the latter, there are some that question your taste (just so you know).

This week there is my personal favorite: Madden NFL 11 demo. For those PS+ users, you can enjoy Critter Crunch, FREE! Last and certainly least, Kane and Lynch 2 demo is available – just in case you feel like torturing yourself. Anyhow, hit the jump for the full list. Read more… »

This week on PSN: the Kane and Lynch 2 demo finally makes its way onto the store for those who didn’t take the plunge and splash out on a subscription for PlayStation Plus.

Continuing with the theme of dastardly duos, the latest chapter in Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Episode is now available and fighting fans are in for a treat in terms of special offers, with Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Mortal Combat 2 and Street Fighter IV DLC all up for grabs at a discounted rate.

A full listing of this week’s PSN Store update can be read in full after the break.


With the exception of Deathspank (possibly the greatest name for a game ever), this week’s Store update pales in comparison to recent weeks in terms of note worthy content, unless of course you happen to fancy some more EyePet avatars for your collection. Just watch as your friends list slowly declines.

Downloadable content has also been spread rather thinly, restricted mainly to everyone’s favourite set of music titles that have featured for the 9000th week running. On the plus side, Blur finally gets a PS3 demo and there is a reasonable roster of special offers and minis to choose from.

This week’s PSN Store update can be read in full after the break.


Not much in this week’s PlayStation Store Update. But who cares right!? No, not because PS3 doesn’t matter, you can bottle your fanboy rage for another day. Instead, I say this because DeathSpank is out!

Review of DeathSpank should be out shortly so be patient. But until that time, download it anyway! In the words of the Kauz, “Monkey Island mixed with Diablo? How could this one go wrong?”. Hit the jump for a full list of the update. Read more… »