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It may be just Ken and you for a long time.  Capcom’s Seth Killian has been quoted recently saying that there are no immediate plans to bring new downloadable characters to Street Fighter IV. Hit the jump for more on why it isn’t happening, and what Killian thinks new characters would do to the SFIV community. Read more… »


Can’t wait for E3? Neither can we. The small trickle of new information is enough to keep us chomping at the bit for the big reveals, and the blowout of information! These new details from Mass Effect 2 come courtesy of OXM.



In what is likely the most anticipated downloadable contact pack for fans of Burnout Paradise, we are given a sneak peak at what this new and exciting location will bring us. Critereon has announced today that we’ll need to pack our bags and travel to Big Surf Island on June 11th, 2009. Are you ready? Hit the jump for the trailer.



A classic mode in the world of first person shooters is that of the good old capture the flag. The frenzied gameplay that is made real when desperately attempting to score points is brought to life in Burnout Paradise in a well executed mode simply known as “Cops and Robbers”.



Guerrilla Games’ gorgeously dark and brutal first-person shooter Killzone 2 provides one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences around. The PlayStation 3 exclusive’s single-player campaign is rather tasty too, if you enjoy the sweet taste of mowing down dozens upon dozens of space Nazis in a world so visceral and life-like, you may need a breather every now and then. Testament to this praise would be the review we posted back in March.

Two months into the game’s life and we are presented with our first piece of DLC: Steel And Titanium – a pack that includes two very different new maps for us to run around in, causing/suffering copious amounts of destruction online in the process. Hit the jump to see what I made of the results.



Resident Evil 5 has just rocked the worldwide sales charts, and now is looking to give you more bang for your buck with it’s new Versus mode DLC (by “your buck”, I mean $5 for PS3 owners, or 400 Microsoft spacebucks).  An overwhelming amount of people have looked at this content over the coming months and have said “will stop and shoot versus really work?”

Well, don’t fret, because the Versus content actually includes two modes: Slayers (which allows up to 4 people to compete for points, killing AI units), and Survivors (which is a full-on player versus player mode). Read on to find out how both modes measure up. Read more… »