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This week on PSN, Fat Princess finally hobbles onto the store, along with a demo of Numbblast and the second episode of The Watchman episodic content in tow. It’s not the heaviest update we’ve ever seen, but I’m sure you can’t wait to pack on the pounds with the tactical treat that is Fat Princess.

You can safely gorge on this week’s update after the break.



The achievements for Fallout 3 DLC Mothership Zeta have been unveiled. Summing up at 100 Gamerpoints, these four new achievements boost the available points for Fallout 3 to a whopping 1550. Hit the jump for the goods. Read more… »


Have you ever wanted to kill Luke Skywalker?  Ever since he cried like a little baby when he found out Darth Vader was his father, you know there was a little part of you that wanted to strike him down.  LucasArts wants to give you that opportunity this fall when it releases the “Ultimate Sith Edition” of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

To find out more about this new edition of the game, and to see the official announcement trailer, hit the jump. Read more… »


This week’s Store update is a sufficent improvement over last week’s offering – a smattering of content is available to download, including the new Wipeout Fury expansion and another Killzone 2 map pack.

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To put it mildly, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift has been one of the most genuinely exhilarating console racing experiences I have ever had, so the prospect of receiving a further dose of action in the form of DLC was one of salivating proportions.

This is where the Speed and Adrenaline Expansions come in, Evolution Studio’s first attempt at expanding the MotorStorm experience since the launch of Pacific Rift last year. But with so many games now turning to DLC, how do Evolution’s efforts weigh up?

Read on as I dissect both expansion packs with a fine shard of broken glass.



Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Killzone 2 fans can expect all new DLC for Guerrilla Games’ gritty FPS this coming Thursday.

The content, entitled Napalm & Cordite, shall feature two new multiplayer maps; Suljeva Cliffside, situated on the rocky outskirts of the Suljeva mining village, and Arctower Landing, which takes players back to the Arctower defence posts of Blood Meridian. Hit the jump for more information on the weapons being introduced as part of this bundle.



Today MTV Games and Harmonix announced a new program called the Rock Band Network. The RBN allows artists to upload and price their own songs so that gamers can download them and rock out in Rock Band.

The RBN will launch sometime this year on the Xbox 360. User uploaded tracks that are popular will then be ported over to the PS3 and Wii versions of Rock Band.

The way this new program works is, artists will submit their songs to a team of “Harmonix-trained freelance game developers” who will code the song for the gaming audience. Artists will have the choice to price their songs anywhere from $0.50 to $3, putting 30% of sale into their wallet. Read more… »


We all know what we thought of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallennot much. Nevertheless, a batch of DLC is set to be released this summer, consisting of ten new multiplayer characters (featuring G1 Starscream and Sideswipe), three new multiplayer maps and an expert difficulty mode.

The all important pricing and a more exact date have yet to be announced, but who could resist the raft of Starscream?



A somewhat lackluster update this week, but let’s face it – everyone is going to be far too engrossed in the phenominally entertaining Battlefield 1942 to really notice. The only noteworthy content comes from a demo of Trash Panic and some Ghostbusters DLC for LittleBigPlanet, along with the obligatory Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band DLC packs.

Read on for this week’s update in full.



Getting Fallout 3 DLC on the PlayStation 3 has been troublesome for Bethesda Softworks. The developer originally planned on releasing the first batch of DLC last month. Apparently something went wrong because now Bethesda is expecting the first batch of DLC for Fallout 3 on the PS3 “by the end of September.”

Producer Ashley Cheng explained the delays . “Keep in mind that not only do we need to test each DLC on PS3, we also need to test each DLC when used in conjunction with each of the other DLC, as well as all of them together, along with the entire original game.” Read more… »


July introduced more goodies for Final Fantasy 4: The After Years, including three new quests: one for Yang, the karate master of the kingdom of Fabul: Palom, the arrogant black magic prodigy of the magedom of Mysidia; and Edge: the young king of the ninja kingdom of Eblan.

Each quest costs 300 Wii Points ($3 USD), and is completely optional to the main game; only the main quest (bought for 800 Wii Points) and the final chapter, which will be released in September for 800 Wii Points, are necessary. These quests are here to supplement the story and allow you to get levels and items for the characters before they inevitably meet up and save the world. Since they’re optional, the real question is “Are the quests fun?”



Another store update has graced Playstation 3 owners this week, and, fortunately, there is little to complain about this time round. The undisputed highlight comes from the launch of the eagerly anticipated Battlefield 1943, but the update still manages to pack in a few other note worthy additions, such as the second donwloadable expansion for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and a couple of demos for Ghostbusters: The Game and Fuel.

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