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Dragon Age: Origins was a big game. Now, it’s getting even bigger, with the upcoming expansion pack, entitled Awakening. While this is very cool in and of itself, things have gotten even more exciting with the release of some recent trailers for the game, neither clocking in at over a minute long.

The Dangerous Children trailer after the jump seems almost like a survival-horror quest, while the Anders clip appears to be full of humor and badassery. Throw those two together in the same expansion disc, and the world of Dragon Age is looking better than ever. Read more… »

It’s the Store update I’ve been waiting all week for: the online playable demo for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has landed. See you out on the battlefield.

Elsewhere, this week’s Store update also includes an online playable demo for Alien vs. Predator, along with the usual wave of special offers, minis and a host of downloadable content for titles including Dante’s Inferno, inFamous and Age of Booty. Oh, and Europe finally received Final Fantasy VIII.

Lock and load for this week’s update after the break.


Good news for everyone who didn’t buy GTA IV on Xbox 360 – Rockstar have announced that Episodes from Liberty City, the double-pack of expansions for GTA IV, will be released for PlayStation 3 and PC on March 30, 2010. It’s been a long time coming, but finally the previous Xbox 360-exclusive content is near. From the brief press release, the entirety of which can be found after the break, it would seem that there isn’t much in the way of additions to the expansions since their release on the Xbox 360, but PC players can once again make use of the surprisingly deep and intuitive video editor that shipped with the original game.

The two expansions, The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony respectively, both offer a reasonable amount of additional play time through new missions, side missions, weapons, vehicles, music and even cheats. While the pricing has yet to be released, it’s expected to be similar to the Xbox 360′s pricing of around $20.00 separately or some kind of package deal. Read more… »

After weeks of lackluster content updates, there is little to complain about in the latest PSN Store update. Along with the weekly special offers, there’s some tasty full games such as Thexder Neo, a playable demo and new DLC for UnCharted 2. Assassins Creed II also gets treated to some DLC and, not to be left out, PSP owners can sample some debut DLC for LittleBigPlanet and a free car pack for Gran Turismo.

Personally, I’m looking forward to next week’s PSN update as it is scheduled to deploy an online demo for the sumptuous Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Not that I’m fuming inside, but Xbox 360 owners can download it right now. Oh it’s going to be a long wait.

In the meantime, you can savor this week’s update after the break.



While it’s tough for me to accept that there are still some poor souls out there that haven’t experienced the brilliant Uncharted 2, news recently brought to light may put that fact to rest. According to Ame Meyer, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications over at Naughty Dog, the developers behind the highly touted Uncharted franchise, next Thursday will finally mark the release of a demo for the multiple award winner.

So for those of you who prefer to test a game out before you take the plunge, this should be great news, particularly if you were on the fence about the game.

In addition to the demo, it appears that Uncharted 2 will finally be getting its first batch of DLC.  The details surrounding this downloadable content, dubbed the “Playstation Heroes Skin Pack,” are exciting, to say the least.



Considering there aren’t any playable demos or new full games to donwload for PS3, I would normally tout this update as a colossal failure, but this has been somewhat overshadowed by the european beta release of ModNation Racers. There’s no time to waste however, as the download is only valid for the first 100,000 users, so don’t miss out.

The remainder of this week’s update can be found after the break.


Return to Ostagar

Dragon Age: Origins is one of the few RPGs out there that will entice you enough to play well over 60 hours and still leaving you wanting more. The recognition it received in 2009 was all well deserved – including the RPG of the year from Gamer Limit.

With promises from Bioware to support Dragon Age for two years, DLC and expansions will be far from a rarity. It’s because of this constant support that you as a gamer will need to be informed as to what DLC is worth it and what is not. Otherwise, you may end up digging quite a hole in your pocket over the next two years.


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US PSN Store update: 14.01.10
By: | January 14th, 2010

Another Thursday, another PSN Store update. But this doesn’t feel like a PSN Store update sadly enough. Not much to speak of this week, so back to your Bayonettas and Darksiders.

Still interested? Alright, if you insist…


It’s a rather mediocre offering this week, unfortunately. While Rock Band has received its usual plethora of DLC added to its continually expanding library, there is little else on offer on the playable front unless you happen to be a die hard fan of the very earth shattering Uno. There are at least a few playable demos to go round with Vancouver 2010, Inferno Pool and the recently released Army of Two: The 40th Day, although for some reason they only released the latter for PSP.

Check out this week’s Store update in full after the break.



Today Sony finally announced the release date for Quantic Dreams’ interactive drama Heavy Rain. According to a post on the, Heavy Rain is slated to arrive in the States on February 23. Main land Europe will have to wait one extra day while the UK gets it on February 26.

Last month Quantic Dreams announced that Heavy Rain will be receiving downloadable episodes called “Chronicles.” The purpose of this DLC is to provide gamers with more background on the main characters. Each chronicle will cost you $4.99, that is unless you pre-order Heavy Rain at Amazon, GameCrazy, or GameStop; then you’ll get the first batch of DLC for free. Read more… »


Practically every developer promises that they will be supporting their game with DLC after launch.  Few, if any, ever deliver on those commitments in a substantial or timely manner. For this, Gearbox is to be commended; they have released two full DLC packages within months of Borderlands‘ release to keep interest in their highly touted shooter-looter alive.

The latest DLC installment, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, comes hot on the heels of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned to offer a heaping helping of arena-based combat to content-hungry Borderlands fans. Does the newest hotspot on Pandora offer challenging gameplay, or is it just a challenge to play? Hit the jump to find out!



I must admit, I nearly forgot to post this week’s PSN Store content since it’s been over 2 weeks since the last update.

Nevertheless, the first update of 2010 has been bestowed upon us, filling the PSN Store with new content including a playable demo of Dark Void and some DLC for Borderlands, SOCOM Confrontation and a certain pair of monopolising music games.

You should know the drill by now – follow the link for a full roundup of this week’s Store update.