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Will Guitar Hero 5 sell a single copy by itself come September?  Not if people pay attention to all the “Free game with preorder” deals circling the Internet right now.

Hit the jump to see what you can get free this week.



To try and pimp our forums, each week for the next couple of months, we will be giving away a game to a person with the most posts for the week.

Each week at a random time on Tuesday (most likely late, Pacific time), the person with the highest post count for the previous seven days will be selected as the winner.


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Buy Dragon Age new, get free DLC
By: | August 12th, 2009


Today BioWare announced that gamers who buy new copies of Dragon Age: Origins will receive $15 worth of DLC for free.

Dubbed the Stone Prisoner add-on, this bit of DLC adds the NPC Shale, a “mighty stone golem,” as well as numerous quests, environments and items. According to BioWare it will add “hours of additional gameplay.” Read more… »


Interested in pumping up your gaming experience with ‘Game-Fuel’, or to just wear a shirt advertising ‘Game Fuel’? Well this is your chance, as we are giving away 1 Free Game Fuel soda pack (with 3 of each flavour), and one limited edition Game Fuel T-Shirt.

As long as you live in the United States, then check out the giveaways details after the jump.


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Pre-order GH5, get GH:Van Halen
By: | August 11th, 2009


Today Activision revealed a strange pre-order bonus for Guitar Hero 5. According to the official offer page, gamers in the USA who pre-order Guitar Hero 5 at a participating retailer will receive a copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen for free.

In order to take advantage of this deal, either pre-order GH5 via this link, or head over to a participating retailer and look for specially marked copies of GH5.

For the official details, hit the jump.


To try and pimp our forums, each week for the next couple of months, we will be giving away a game to person with the most posts for the week.


CODWaW Bling

Today Treyarch announced that the PC version of Call of Duty: World at War will receive the 1.5 patch tomorrow. The best part is, the patch includes Map Pack 2 for free.

Map Pack two, which has sold over one million copies, brings three new multiplayer maps, along with a new zombie mode map. Many attribute Call of Duty: World at War’s popularity to its Nazi Zombie mode. As someone who plays it quite frequently, I must say there is something so very satisfying about repelling wave after wave of zombies.

For a full list of the changes the 1.5 patch brings, hit the jump. Read more… »


Fallout 3 is one of those games where almost anyone can find something they love in it.  It’s a great role playing game with shooting elements, and an atmosphere which will immerse you for hours upon end. If you don’t own it, you’re pretty much in the minority.  If this is you though, you’re in luck!  This weekend Valve is offering a chance for non-Fallout 3 owners to redeem themselves.


If you’re an Atlus Faithful, meaning you subscribed to Atlus’ newsletter, then you might have received an e-mail concerning the Persona PSP remake today. Atlus will once again spoil Persona fans with a nice bonus. Along with the bonus, the e-mail confirms a September release.



If you have always wanted a PS3, but always thought it was $50 too expensive, then you’re in luck! Amazon is offering a $50 discount on all of their 80GB Playstation 3′s through their deal of the day program.


Stardock has been kind enough enough to give us a copy of the PC game Demigod to giveaway, to snag it you just have to be the first person to guess all three games from their soundbites.



After a quite successful first trial on a audio based mock giveaway, we are trying it again, just so we can try and gauge our readers soundbite knowledge. To summarize, in each competition we will upload a few short soundbites, and the first person to guess what games they are from gets a giveaway… In this case… a Virtual Cookie.