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Do you like turn based strategy? Do you have an Xbox 360? Well Hudson Soft has given us two copies of Military Madness to give away.

All you have to do to get a copy is list what your all time favourite turn based game is and why.



Toys ‘R’ Us has been on a rampage lately, slashing prices on all sorts of video game merchandise, offering trade-ins for used games, and bundling $20 gift cards with a number of new releases.

Well, Geoffrey’s at it again! This time, starting today, if you buy any 2 games, you’ll get the 3rd one free. That includes bundled games (like Wii Sports Resort), from consoles to handhelds. Feel free to check out the full promotion here on Toys ‘R’ Us’ website.


Last night Microsoft announced the new cast of games that will be re-branded as Xbox 360 Platinum Hits.

The games that will receive the Platinum treatment are: Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto 4, Street Fighter 4, Saints Row 2 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Read more… »


Hot off the press, Ghostfire Games is turning up the heat with Rage of the Gladiator.  As the highly anticipated WiiWare  title gets closer to its release date, new screens and music are emerging for your audible and viewing pleasure.

For screens and music hit the jump.



Well, we already told you that Game Crazy was closing a great deal of their stores, but the following interesting tidbit has just presented itself.

While it’s always sad news when a company closes its doors, there is an upside. Gamers can expect to see some major savings starting this Saturday, Oct. 3.

For all the details, hit the jump.

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In honor of Direct2Drive’s five-year anniversary, they’ve been basically giving away a different batch of games every week for the past several weeks… everything from AAA heavy-hitters like Riddick and Bioshock to – this week – indie games!

Five years in business = five dollar games.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

Hit the jump to see the gems from this week!


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You may have taken advantage of International Talk Like a Pirate Day’s free Tales of Monkey Island promotion, but today is a holiday that’s quite a bit more real and important… Yom Kippur!

In honor of the Day of Atonement, adventure game legend Dave Gilbert (of Blackwell Legacy fame) is making his point-and-click adventure game The Shivah free for the day!

Hit the jump and prepare to repent!


Xbox 360 Elite, previously dropped down in price from $399.99 to $299.99, is now seeing a limited time $50 mail-in rebate offer.

It undoubtedly will give  the Xbox 360 one more leg up on the PS3 Slim.  Read more… »

Last week we updated you on the Scribblenauts Toys R’ Us giftcard deal, and now, we present you with the similar ODST deal.

Simply put, buy the game at the failing, desperate retailer, and nab a pretty sweet figurine and a $20 giftcard! Apparently the figure is valued at $11.99! Sweet deal on its own, or rip-off? You tell us!

Dark Athena

Following on from their massive half-price sale of 2K titles earlier this year, Direct2Drive are celebrating their five-year anniversary with 50 titles for $5 each.

Every week, ten new titles will be added to Direct2Drive’s bargain bin, with Week Two being announced as “Action Games Week”.

Hit the jump to check out what titles you can add to your el cheapo inventory.



You’ve read the hype, you’ve seen the proposed full list of functional words, and you’re primed to buy Scribblenauts this Tuesday. Before you do, make sure you take note of Toys R’ Us’ exclusive one day sale: a free $15 gift card at the time of purchase.

Effectively, that cuts the price of the game in half (provided you want to buy something else at Toys R’ Us), so go out there and get creative!

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Today Turbine, Inc. relaunched Dungeon & Dragons Online, scrapping the previous pay-to-play model in favor of a free-to-play one. In celebration of this, Turbine has released a new trailer letting  soon-to-be adventurers know what to expect when they enter the world of  Ebberon.

Taking gamers to the continent of Xen’drik in the Ebberon campaign setting, DDO provides players with a massively multiplayer version of the classic table-top Dungeons and Dragons gameplay. Although DDO follows the revised edition of D&D 3.5 rule-set, several changes were made due to differences in the dynamics between the media of computer game combat and tabletop gaming. For example, combat is done in real-time in DDO, as opposed to turn base in the table-top game. Don’t let this scare you away though. I’ve been a huge fan of pen and paper D&D since I was a kid and I’m having a blast with DDO.

For the official relaunch trailer and more info on DDO hit the jump. Read more… »