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How you like them guns Chase?

If the onslaught of buy 2 get 1 deals wasn’t enough to punch a huge hole in your wallet, then go and get the car warmed up now.

Walmart is currently offering a $100 gift card with a purchase of the Xbox 360 Arcade at $200. But this is for today only and is sure to go fast. So be sure and resist the temptation of staring at the “people of Walmart” as you go get your 360. Read more… »


Do you like slaughtering legions of zombies? Want a so-so game to fill in the void until Left 4 Dead 2 arrives? Well, you could be in luck, as Microsoft has given us one copy of Zombie Apocalypse to giveaway.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your all time favourite Zombie game is.


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Mass Effect 50% off on Steam!
By: | November 5th, 2009

For all you PC owners out there who don’t yet own Mass Effect: your time has come.

You can now pick up the 20+ hour epic space opera for the reasonable price of $9.99. I was one of those gamers who was late to the draw and picked it up late, despite all the guff it got due to all it’s flaws, and was absolutely entranced by how engaging the narrative was. Log onto Steam, or just check it out here!


Wallace and Gromit banner

Maybe it’s for Movember.  Maybe it’s because Telltale Games likes giving away free games (you remember this one?).  Maybe it’s because it’s Wallace & Gromit’s 20-year anniversary.

The “why” doesn’t matter.  All you need to know is: FREE GAME!

This week, Telltale Games is offering the third episode of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, “Muzzled!” for the low price of free.  Details after the jump.



Today Valve announced another pre-order incentive for Left 4 Dead 2. If you pre-order the co-op zombie shooter off of Steam or redeem a retailer-provided pre-order code, you will receive a new hat for your Team Fortress 2 characters.

To be specific the hat is Bill’s beret from Left 4 Dead. According to the TF2 Blog, “This is not fan fiction! This is not a dream sequence! The characters from Team Fortress 2 will team-up with Bill’s hat from Left 4 Dead 1!”

To find out how these two worlds collided, read on. Read more… »

Best Buy Geoffrey Giraffe

Remember Toys ‘R’ Us’s “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal that was going on a scant few weeks ago?  The one that was supposedly being honored at some Best Buys, despite others receiving explicit memos NOT to honor the price match?  Well, it looks like the BB higher-ups have changed their minds.

October 25-31, 2009: Buy 2, Get 1 Free at Best Buy (PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii games $59.99 or less, excluding pre-orders) in-store OR online.  Also, online orders receive free shipping.

Isn’t that something?  Who needs to eat anyway?  I just wish it applied to DJ Hero



Do you like pointing and clicking? Got an inkling to go on an adventure like no other? Well you’re in luck as Amanita Design has given us three copies of Machinarium to give away.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your “all time favourite point and click adventure” is.


killing floor

Today developer Tripwire Interactive announced that a large update for its zombie-tastic shooter Killing Floor will arrive tomorrow, October 22. In celebration of this news, Valve’s Steam service is hosting a free weekend.

Dubbed the “Level Up” pack, this bit of DLC will add three new maps, one new monster, a new “Demolition” class, and seven new weapons including: an automatic shotgun, a healing gun, two rifles sporting grenade launchers, and proximity mines . Read more… »


The gaming world has been given a rare gift this week with Toys ‘R’ Us launching a “Buy 2 Get 1 free” deal on their entire video game selection.  With both Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend releasing on Tuesday, it doesn’t take a genius to decide where to go to buy these games.  Unfortunately, toy stores nation wide have been selling out of both titles extremely fast, leaving gamers to wallow in misery.

Have no fear, because reports are coming in that Best Buy stores all across the country are honoring the Toys ‘R’ Us deal.  Considering they have a much larger selection of games, and they stock more of each, Best Buy is definitely the best place to go to take advantage of this incredible deal.  Make sure you call your local store first though, as it’s not 100% guaranteed that every one is matching this offer.  Read more… »

PlaySEGA banner

Ever heard of PlaySEGA?  I hadn’t either, until like five minutes ago.  Apparently, it’s this new (still in beta) browser-based service that lets you play old SEGA games!

The catch: you have to pay for a subscription.  The good news:  it’s only $14.95 for three months, and you get this sweet controller with your paid subscription.  Where do I sign up?


dawn of war 2 artwork 20090218

Today developer Relic released the patch notes for Dawn of War 2‘s upcoming free add-on, dubbed ‘Last Stand.’

Featuring a new multiplayer survival mode, as well as balancing tweaks and new maps, Last Stand promises to please fans when it arrives tomorrow, October 14.

For the official patch notes, hit the jump. Read more… »


The Independent Festival’s award-winning puzzle game World of Goo is celebrating its one year anniversary with a new kind of sale: name your own price.

That’s one way to kill a recession, inflation and competition at the same time.  Read on to find out how YOU! can get your very own copy for whatever price you want to pay. Read more… »