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Getting ready for our next set of giveaways is this… a trial competition. In our new set of competitions we will upload a short soundbite, and the first person to guess what game it’s from gets a free… Virtual Cookie.



To celebrate our third week of Twittering, we are giving away another copy of Zeno Clash! One of the most unique FPS games ever released.



Puzzle Quest: Galactrix the spirtual successor to Puzzle Quest has just been released on the PlayStation Network, and to celebrate we are giving away a copy, this competition is restricted to US so apologies to all our international followers.



There’s nothing that says awesome like a highly anticipated release being availavle at a discounted price. Massive retailer, Amazon, currently has Punch Out!! for the Nintendo Wii at a discounted price of $39.99.



That’s right people, the wicked game Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic is being given away for free on the US PSN store. I hear it’s only for a week though so don’t miss the chance to pick up this fantastic game. Read more… »


Were you one of the poor saps who slept through the glory that is Bionic Commando: Rearmed? Well, your laziness and inaction is being rewarded with a price drop.  How’s 50% off sound?  That’s right, all the soldier grabbin’, Super Joe savin’ action can be your’s for only $4.99 on the PlayStation Network from now until May 21st.  If you’re not convinced, then check out how much we drooled over this retro face-lifted title!


To celebrate our second week of Twittering, we are giving away another great game: Zeno Clash! One of the most unique FPS games ever released.



XBLA’s Castle Crashers (a 4 player, 2D hack and slash) has recently achieved a stunning 900,000 people on their leader-boards! In order to celebrate their possible run up to 1 million players, game devs The Behemoth have issued a challenge! There are multiple gifts and prizes to be won, and they’ve personally assured everyone that the prizes will be “awesome; nay… SPECTACULAR!”. Hit the jump for the full details!



Since 1983, Lode Runner has taken the world by storm. With the simple premise of “steal gold; avoid monks”, Brøderbund hit the jackpot, and as a result, Lode Runner was remade many times due to it’s excessive popularity.

This week, Tozai and Southend Interactive released a brand new version of Lode Runner for the Xbox Live Arcade, and we have a free copy to giveaway. Find out how to enter below!

Congratulations Dr. Magpie! We’ll email you shortly with your game code. Stay tuned for our next contest! Read more… »

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Blow chunks for fun
By: | May 4th, 2009


Spewer is now available for download free of charge. Pioneered by Edmund McMillen of Meat Boy fame, Spewer has you globbing and bouncing via sucking up and blowing chunks. Queasy gamers, you’ve been warned!

It actually plays a lot like Meat Boy, which is definately a good thing. What did you guys think of it? Does it deserve a Wii-Ware remake like Meat Boy eventually?

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The Ocarina of Rhyme
By: | March 17th, 2009


Like rap? Like Zelda? Try out these tracks that were laid over top Zelda tunes. Find the link here. Be warned, the site is being hit with major traffic so expect it to be down from time to time.

Here’s an alternate link for the original raps, and not the remixes. Hit the jump for a hi-res picture of the amazingly nostalgic album art. Read more… »


Welcome all, to Gamer Limit, your source for all the latest news, reviews, guides, and editorials!

We are pleased to announce our fourth contest-giveaway. The prize? Any 2 PC Popcap games of your choice! It could be Bookworm Adventures and Bejeweled Twist, or Peggle and Peggle Nights!  All you have to do is post a simple comment to have a chance to win, so get to it! Read more… »