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Steam Holiday Sale 2012

It’s that time of year again, where the weather gets cold, people start celebrating the holidays, and Steam runs a giant sale. Even if your wallet and backlog are too empty and too full respectively, you can always spread some holiday cheer by gifting some great games to your friends.

One of my personal favorites on the First Day of Steam Sale is the Indie Super Mega Pack, which includes Bastion, Amnesia, and recent hits like Hotline Miami and Mark of the Ninja. The Bethesda Pack that has Dishonored and Doom 3: BFG Edition also looks pretty, pretty good. The sale features daily deals, and will run until January 5th.

Steam Summer Sale 2012 - July 12 - July 22

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you can be excused for not knowing that Steam’s impending annual Summer Sale was on everybody’s mind. You can also be excused for not knowing that it officially started today and will last until July 22nd.

Like every year, individual games like Portal 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and Legend of Grimrock, and numerous pack deals are being offered at ridiculous prices that test the impulse control of gamers everywhere.  Steam also has daily deals that are updated every eight hours and are voted into place by the community. I can hear gamers’ wallets crying out in pain from here. Mine is among them.

Sega has just heavily discounted a number of their mobile apps, including Sonic 4. Sadly, most of the discounting seems to be iOS-centric, but there are a few Android price cuts as well. Prices are valid from now until the end of the day on 2/14, so get crackin’!

Personally, I can recommend Sonic 4 and Sonic CD, but your mileage my vary on the other titles; mostly due to the oddly designed control schemes. Hit the jump for a full list of titles.


[Update: Target has followed Walmart's lead and begun selling the 3DS at $170 early.]

Stop what you’re doing, go to Walmart and buy a 3DS. While Nintendo’s portable console will be receiving an official $80 price cut this Friday, Walmart has jumped the gun and started selling them for $170 early. Apparently, the evil big box isn’t only keen on killing off small businesses in your town, but beating its competitors to the punch.

Fearing the wrath of scorned early adopters, Nintendo is offering 20 free downloadable games to 3DS owners who connect to the eShop by August 12th.  So if you’re planning on picking a 3DS up anyway, why not do it before Friday at the attractive new price point and nab yourself 10 free Gameboy Advance titles in addition to 10 free NES ones?

The Steam Summer Camp event is coming to a close – and that doesn’t just mean the end of sick daily sales events. Along with 10 days of discounted games, the “Summer Camp” event itself allows you to hunt for achievements within Steam games (and Steam itself) for exclusive Steam DLC, and even one free game!

The event is pretty simple – for each listed Camp achievement you complete, you get a ticket. You can redeem three tickets for a prize, such as Alien Breed 2 , Team Fortress 2 summer glasses, and Portal 2 costumes. Even if you’re not interested in achievement hunting, personally I’d go for three super easy ones, and nab Alien Breed 2 - I mean, it is a full, free game.

In my opinion, the easiest tickets are “Join the Summer Camp Official Group”, “post a comment on a friend’s Steam page”, and “recommend a game to your friends”. See, that was easy, wasn’t it? Follow this link for a full list of rewards, and get going!

Bomberman ULTRA is free with with your Plus membership this week…which pretty much everyone should have unless they missed out on the Welcome Back deal. If you like 3D fighters, the Powerstone Collection is currently half price at $4.99. In other news, the Uncharted 3 Beta opened up to the public if you want to check that out.

Other than that, the week’s full update awaits after the break.


Sony is offering PlayStation Network users free games as a part of the Welcome Back program. Unfortunately, the offer is ending this weekend. Sony’s been pretty generous, offering up to four free games on account of taking so long to re-secure their online service after that “unauthorized intrusion”.

If you want to get your hands on titles like Little Big Planet,  Super Stardust HD, inFamous, Wipeout HD, Modnation Racers, and Killzone: Liberation for free you should turn on that PSP or PS3 before Sunday July 3rd.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Lots of big news this week! Beyond Good and Evil HD has finally made its way to PSN. PlayStation Plus Members get access to the “free” Uncharted 3 Beta. Duke Nukem Forever is now available in demo form.  And there’s plenty of great PSP deals thanks to the new Dual-Pack deal.

Information on all this and more awaits you after the break.


Killzone 3 receives its third DLC pack, From The Ashes, today. The map pack features two entirely new maps and two “re-imagined Killzone 2 ‘retro’ maps”. The new map pack will be available for a mere $4.99. However, if you’ve yet to splurge on map packs there’s a better deal in town.

Killzone 3‘s new DLC Bundle Pack includes the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack and the From The Ashes Pack for just $9.99. While I’m not one to splurge on new maps for every shooter I play, this sounds like a fantastic deal. I may just have to take Sony and Guerrilla Games up on this offer.


Alien Zombie Megadeath, a new Killzone 3 map pack, three new PSP minis, a host of deals and bundles and more are now available via the PlayStation Network this week. The full details await you after the break.


A few days ago I posted a news story about how Sony royally screwed up and allowed a bunch of hackers access to PSN users’ personal information. Today, Sony finally made some announcements regarding how they plan on making this up to their customers.

First things first, sometime this week Sony plans on restarting some on its online services. Gamers will so be able to log onto their PSN accounts allowing them to changed their passwords, chat with friends, play games online and even use PlayStation Home. Sony has also stated that they have added several layers of data protection and encryption including more firewalls and software monitoring which detects intrusions. Read more… »

Today marks the start of another Humble Indie Bundle, this time brought to you by the good folks over at Frozenbyte, a Finnish game studio.

In the past Gamer Limit has posted news items about the two previous Humble Indie Bundles, but in case you missed those let me break it down for you. Basically, you can pay what you want for (in this case) five indie games you may have missed otherwise. The cool thing is, you get to choose where you money goes. You can split it evenly among the developers and charities, give it all to charity, or send it all to the developer. The charities involved are Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play Charity. Read more… »