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Do you like slaughtering legions of zombies? Want a so-so game to fill in the void until Left 4 Dead 2 arrives? Well, you could be in luck, as Microsoft has given us one copy of Zombie Apocalypse to giveaway.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your all time favourite Zombie game is.



Today developer Codemasters announced that it has teamed up with processor producer Intel to launch an exclusive contest for the PC version Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Codemasters is challenging PC gamers to use the Mission Creator bundled with OF:DR to create an “engaging co-op or single player mission.” Those of you who want to participate need to act quickly though; the user-made missions are due by November 29.

For more details on how to participate and the list of prizes, hit the jump. Read more… »


[The contest has just received a two day extension due to the lack of entries! Get to typing, people!]

Got a thing for ‘Shrooms? Fancy your chances at commanding legions of Mushrooms? Well you could be in luck as Creat Studios has given us three copies of Mushroom Wars to give away.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your “all time favourite CONSOLE strategy game” is.



Do you like pointing and clicking? Got an inkling to go on an adventure like no other? Well you’re in luck as Amanita Design has given us three copies of Machinarium to give away.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your “all time favourite point and click adventure” is.



Well folks, it seems like we’ve gotten our hands on 10 PSN Shatter codes, and we’re making it relatively easy to win them! All you have to do is comment below what your favorite shooter is: it doesn’t even have to be a shoot ‘em up, it could even be a full blown action game like Uncharted 2! Gamer Limit staff will randomly choose 10 entries: so have at it!

The only catch is these codes expire on October 21st (Midnight, American): so we’re only opening the contest for 24 hours, and after that, we’ll get those codes out to you as soon as possible so you can redeem them! Read more… »


Do you like turn based strategy? Do you have an Xbox 360? Well Hudson Soft has given us two copies of Military Madness to give away.

All you have to do to get a copy is list what your all time favourite turn based game is and why.



Are you Australian? Sick of missing out on all of the exciting game events in the US and Europe?

The International Digital Entertainment Festival, or iDEF, is being held this year in Melbourne, Australia between the 30th of Oct to the 1st of Nov. Split into 3 separate expositions, covering games development, technical gadgetry, and, of course, video games themselves, it promises to be Australia’s version of the CES and E3 squeezed into one 3-day event.

The best part? It’s open to the public! The better part? Gamer Limit is an official supporter of the event, and as a special gift to you all, we’ve scored five double passes to the full 3-day event including all of the expos, to give away to you lucky readers.



We apologize for missing our weekly Monday giveaway deadline, but I think you’ll forgive us after the following announcement. The kind folks who represent the up and coming DotA style strategy game League of Legends have provided us with a staggering 50 beta keys!

All you have to do is post what your favorite game is, and if you’re one of the first 50 people to do so, you’ll get a key! In order to recieve one you must be registered and logged in, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you. Again, if your name doesn’t show up in red, you won’t get a key, and make sure only one user per IP is commenting, as we can check that! I will contact each winner personally within the next 48 hours with your key, so get to commenting, and register at League of! Read more… »

[Congratulations rooster1117!]

There’s something about being American that inherently forces you to love cars.

All you have to do is post below what your favorite car is: it can be anything, from Henry Ford’s Model T, to the Lamborghini Murciélago. Gamer Limit will choose the best explained entry, then after we receive your mailing address, we’ll send you the game.

Update: rooster1117 won by a landslide vote! Not only did he pick an incredibly unique car, but his obvious mechanical prowess really resonated with the staff. I’ve already sent you an email requesting your mailing address. Special mentions are in order for Sean and Kauza, both of whom had excellent entries. Stay tuned for more Gamer Limit contests every week, and thanks for entering! Read more… »


Paradox Interactive has given us 5 copies of Majesty 2 to giveaway, and instead of doing the same old guessing games we’ve decided to take the competition in a different direction, a doodle off!

At the end of the week, Gamer Limit staff members will choose the top five  ”game characters in a fantasy setting” picks, and you will win yourself a copy of Majesty 2 if chosen.


Cannes Kung Fu Panda Stunt

Yesterday we put up a contest for Brutal Legend demo keys, and required you to come up with your favorite metal album in order to win them.

Well, the results are in: hit the jump for the winning entries! Read more… »

metal fans
[Winners are here! Thanks for entering!]

Everyone sooner or later ends up chanelling their inner metal head: these dudes just decided to show it to the world. Want to finally break out, and grab an exclusive demo code for the Brutal Legend demo that went live today?

All you have to do is post below what your favorite metal album is: it can be anything, from methcore, to power metal, to classic Metallica. Gamer Limit will choose the three most righteous entries (read: favorite), and email them their code. We have 2 Xbox Live codes and 1 PS3 code to giveaway, so get cracking, make sure you’re registered, and note which version you want! Read more… »