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Everybody take a good, deep breath… it’s Friday. Yes, the weekend is within reach and it’s time to waste as much of it as possible with some good old fashioned videogames. Especially ones that are free! Like, Alien Swarm, for instance.

I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with Ben10 but since I haven’t had time to play it yet, I guess I can’t be sure. What I’d suggest doing is watching as much of the TV show (and the made for TV movie) while downloading the game from Steam, then play the game only once you’re finished. So, other than watching Ben10 and playing Alien Swarm, what are you playing!?


This year’s spate of gaming marathons and charity events for the now burgeoning gamer’s charity Childs Play has officially begun, with the now infamous Mario Marathon come and gone. But if you are in the mood for some shenanigans, crazy accents and sleep deprivation based entertainment, the fellows over at the Australian based gaming community GameArena are playing Borderlands for 48hrs; seeking tasty donations in return for crazy requests.

We all graciously appreciated your support for our successful Piece of Heart marathon that we very barely completed last year, and the guys over at GA would also appreciate your monetary and emotional support while they slog through the game for the next 18hrs. Bring your friends! Cause havok! Ask them to do anything for money, because it’s likely that they are the types of dodgy guys that would. We’re a different breed down here.

Point your browser here and join the party.

That’s right… it’s me! I’m back, so you can start the party now. Sorry for keeping it on hold for so long, but moving is a pain in the lower back-crack and while trying to get settled I kept getting distracted by stuff like friends, free food, and sleep. What pesky things those are.

But that’s neither here nor there. I’m here to ask what the hell YOU’RE playing. SO TELL ME OR I WILL DESTROY YOU. Or will at least whine about it on twitter and in the forums…


Yes, yes, we all know that the US gang had fun at E3, but while they were relaxing at their lazy convention, we gamers were putting in the hard yards playing videogames.

So what exactly have you been playing this past week? If you managed to hit up E3, be sure to come in and boast about all the awesome games we plebs will have to wait several months to get our hands on.


With most of the crew heading to E3 and Australia becoming the biggest flop at the World Cup so far, I’m attempting to drown my sorrows in any game I can get my hands on.

Come inside and let us know what you’ve been playing this last week, and if there anything on the radar for the next seven days of gaming!


Welcome to your Weekly Recap! I’d apologize for this being late, but I’m not at all sorry. The sleep I got earlier was fantastic, and so was the KFC I got after waking up (see above header)… and the Adventure Time I watched while eating was superb.

But enough with the intro and details of my day… today has had a wealth of news hit the site, even though E3 is just around the corner (and as you can tell, we’re gearing up for the madness). So before any more news or reviews/features get posted, I’d better get this danged recap posted. And you’d better get it read! Chip chop!!!


You know it’s been a slow week when the only release that piques your interest involves Snoopy.

But that’s okay, because who doesn’t have a ton of games in their backlog that need some lovin. And no, not in that way. I refuse to be responsible for any hospital visits involving cartridges, discs, or controllers. Systems on the other hand… well, send me a picture first. If it’s horrible enough, maybe I’ll send a few bucks your way to help out.


Welcome to the Weekly Recap! Yes, it’s later in the day than usual, and yes I could use the holiday as an excuse, but the truth is that I got home from work, sat down, and read the entirety of Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis… then I put my head down on the desk and passed out for most of the day.

And now that I’ve woken up and gotten the horrible crick out of my neck, I thought it was about time to knock out this recap so you can take off your shirt, grab a cold beer, and go BBQ some delicious meat. That’s what this holiday is about right?


If you’re a gamer on a budget, this month was carefully crafted by evil executives to make you hate everyone and everything. And if you’re one of those people with the disposable income to buy every new title you want, I’m guessing you should keep quiet or the rest of us might form a posse and go Red Dead on your ass.

But with all these awesome games happening in just one month, everyone should be playing something, right!? So let’s hear what you’ll be playing all weekend and maybe, just maybe, we can waste our weekends together. I’ve heard rumors of these people called “friends” tending to do that. It’s worth a try, right?


Welcome to the weekly recap! Thanks to Google’s homepage, everyone knows that last friday was Pac-Man’s 30th birthday… so it’s very fitting that we have several retro games games reviewed this week. And what better week for an Atari 2600 inspired series like Bit.Trip to release its newest game Runner. And I just finished a Pac-Man drawing recently, so I’m even able to shamelessly self-promote my art stuffs with this week’s header!

But all these coincidences couldn’t have been on accident could they?


Welcome to the Weekly Recap. This week, I learned just how hard it is to write or read anything while listening to Dio. It’s not that the lyrics are necessarily so demanding that you have to drop everything and listen… it’s that you want to scream the lyrics with him while slamming your head about hard enough to snap your neighbors neck just by sheer awesome.

And although it’s sad to see such a legend go, I say we should celebrate his life by crankin up the volume and rocking out like he so clearly did throughout his life. But you should probably read this recap first. There’s some really good stuff that you may have missed this past week, and starting in on the Dio now would consume your whole morning.


Welcome to the recap. I would have had this up sooner but I’ve been addicted to L4D2 this past week… and on top of that, I’ve been watching Tim/Eric clips over and over again all weekend. With that combo, there is no time for anything else.

But we’ve had a good week with a lot of blogs in the community area. So be sure to hit the jump to check out what your fellow GL readers are talking about in their blogs. And, ya know, maybe read some of our official stuff too. No pressure, though.