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Apparently, this week has been dedicated to aquatic mammals. While orcas are definitely awesome, baby seals are just about the cutest thing ever. I dare you to find something that rivals these little guys in the department of being adorable.

Things happened this week here at Gamer Limit. Hit the jump for the full run down of reviews, features, news, and original video content we produced this week.


Once again my good buddy Kevin Miller had some obligations that prevented him from writing this weeks edition of “What are YOU playing.” Don’t fret though, I’m here ready, willing and able to step up and fill in.

So what have I been playing? Today, I’m hoping to play the ‘go out and get some laundry done’ game. For those of you who don’t know, I landed a pretty gnarly job that lets me work in the game industry from home. The down side to this is I’ve become a complete bum. Today I hope to shave for the first time in two or three weeks. I honestly don’t think I’ve done any laundry in that time span either. Read more… »

I loves me some Labor Day. The weekend is always full of such joy. And of course, full of excuses to eat hot dogs! Yum!

And since there is no work to be done this weekend, when we aren’t sleeping or eating hot dogs, we are playing video games. So, what are you all playing? Or are you sitting around depressed like me that you couldn’t make PAX? I’m okay, I promise. I’m going to go eat a hot dog to ease my pain. Read more… »

I know, I know – this is the second week in a row I’ve used a Disney image. But, this image – as well as last week’s – is fitting. With discussions on the used games market and microtransactions, we can all agree that the video game industry is riddled with greed.

You know how this works now. Now we talk about everything from community blogs, to reviews, to features, to videos. So let’s get to it already. Read more… »

I’m back! I couldn’t think of anything catchy so I typed ‘random’ into Google, scrolled down image results and the first picture I saw I used. No idea what is going on in this picture. Phobia of bikes maybe?

Roast beef? Two dogs in a suitcase? You and me, me and you hopscotch? Oh yea, what are you playing? Read more… »

What a crazy busy weekend it was. Hope you enjoyed a less stressful weekend than I. So, I blame the fact that I had to travel back and forth between 4 different states this weekend that the weekly recap is delayed.

But, I am here, and I bring with me this week’s goings ons at Gamer Limit. A week full of fun and some great debates. However, it was a busy week so let me get right to it.


Unfortunately, our good buddy Kevin is out of town this weekend, meaning he is unable to write this week’s What are YOU playing? Rather than skip a week, Kevin was good enough to hand the reigns over to me, so I’ll be your humble host for this week’s edition. Think of me as the substitute, only I’m (slightly) less badass than Tom Berenger.

Now that that’s out of the way, lets jump into the meat of this article. What are you guys playing this weekend? Read more… »

If you didn’t already know, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was a fantastic movie. So, I have decided to make sure you knew that before I get into the week that was. Go see it. Now!

Anyhow, outside of the movie theater, the week has been fun. But, we prepare for another week of features, editorials, reviews, and, most importantly, community blogs! Yes, they are back on the front page. Rejoice with me as I recap the week that was.


For most, the summer lull is still in full effect. Outside of sports titles and downloadable games, really not too much going on in the world of video game releases. Don’t worry though, big release after big release is quickly approaching.

So are you taking advantage of this lull to enjoy activities other than video games? Are you tackling your backlog? Or maybe you’re doing the cool thing and playing sports games. Either way, we want to hear about it. Read more… »

Madden NFL 11 is only days away. The review, only one day away. However, it seems EA doesn’t think female football fans feed themselves. How can one resist the sweet temptation of the Philadelphia cheesesteak? I know I can’t – I grew up on that stuff.

All joking aside, the week has been good to us, and hopefully you as well. Were there enough goodies for your eyes to gaze upon? Well, if you missed anything, join me as I give you a healthy serving of the week that was. Read more… »

Another week of gaming has come and gone. But, the weekend isn’t quite over yet. You know what that means right? Yep, still time for some healthy outdoor activities. Because let’s face it, that is what normal people do right?

Not I though. I am not normal I suppose. Instead, I play the game where I am playing outdoors. What else would I be doing when it is sunny and 80 degrees outside? So, besides an unhealthy amount of drinking and poker this weekend I have been playing just one game. How about you? Read more… »

My name is Kevin Miller and I will be your captain from here on out. Alright, alright, get the mumbling and groaning out of your system while you can. Welcome to your Weekly Recap!

StarCraft 2 is finally here and it is quickly digging its hooks into each and every one of us. I’m not even a big RTS fan and I’m enjoying it. Stupid Blizzard and their games that are nothing more than legal crack. Anyhow, the week has come and gone so be sure to read on for the full recap. Or go back to playing StarCraft 2 – I won’t judge you… much… Read more… »