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With Captivate 2010 (Capcom’s industry showcase) having just come to an end, many are still awestruck by the announcement of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, having been in development since 2008. In continuing with this ninja approach, Capcom has just recently trademarked Mega Man Universe with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

Speculation has been running rampant with what could be next for our blue robotic hero, but I know it can only mean one thing: Mega Man Hentai!

Wait! No! I meant MMO, I swear!

Mega Man is getting a lot of attention lately in his retro two dimensional glory.  Mega Man 9 and 10 were released as standalone titles, and older games in the venerable franchise have been appearing on Virtual Console.  Now the Blue Bomber’s fourth title is joining the digital shelf.  Originally released in 1992, Mega Man 4 is front and center for the update to the Nintendo Store for 500 Wii points, or $5.

Mega Man 4 is distinct as the first game in the Mega Man series to feature Mega Man’s signature charged blast shot.  The game is also the first in the series to feature tools and items that can be found in hidden areas throughout levels rather than by defeating bosses. Read more… »

Today, after a decade of anticipation, Capcom finally announced that it is currently developing Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Slated to arrive on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in the spring of 2011, MvC3 will feature classic fighters from the previous games, as well as new characters from both Capcom and Marvel.

As you can tell from the trailer above, the only characters revealed so far are Ryu, Morrigan,  Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, and new comer Chris Redfield. Read more… »

The Breath of Fire series is immensely popular among older gamers, for some reason. If you ask me, how anyone could enjoy these games is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. They are constantly marred by slow, droll combat, frequent random battles, and even more frequent fetch quests; the payoff being a set of predictable, mediocre storylines in pretty much every respect.

I think Makoto Ikehara, the mastermind behind the series, must have realized this. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter turned out so much different from the rest of the series. Even though it may tragically go down in history as the game which ‘killed’ the Breath of Fire games, I believe that this game is perhaps the best thing that’s ever happened to the entire genre of RPGs. Read more… »

The weirdest thing about Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is that very little of the game relates to being an attorney; instead, it’s all about the investigations. In previous installments, we were already assigned to a case before investigating crime scenes, so we were looking for clues to use in court. Ace Attorney Investigations turns it into mere detective work.

In AAI, players assume the role of Miles Edgeworth – prosecuting attorney and rival of the series’ usual protagonist, Phoenix Wright – to do all the things that Phoenix did in the other games, except not as fun. Aside from Phoenix being a more interesting character, the coolest thing about Miles Edgeworth in the previous games was his sort of enigmatic aura. Unfortunately, no man is ever as interesting as his mystery.



Recently, gaming has seen some pretty cool crossovers, such as Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog appearing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The recently announced “Playstation Heroes Skin Pack” that will see characters from Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, and Resistance tossed into the world of Nathan Drake and Uncharted.

However, a recent joint announcement from Capcom and Epic Games may top all previous occurences handily. Today, Capcom revealed (through the video below) a couple of new additions to the squad in Lost Planet 2, in the form of two additional skins to use in the game. Needless to say, this crossover is pretty “epic” (see what I did there?!). Read more… »

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According to a recent update on the official Japanese Xbox site, Capcom will unveil a new Xbox 360 game next Tuesday, January 26.

The post simply states, “Capcom title premiere for Xbox 360.” Gamers should be reminded that Capcom has done similar stunts in the past, specifically in February 2009, when the company revealed Lost Planet 2. Read more… »

The U.S. commercial for Capcom fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom ranks among the greatest game commercials I have ever seen. Period.

It’s like the guys at Robot Chicken crammed an entire episode’s budget into the most high-octane 20 seconds of stop-motion beatdowns. Really, there’s nothing more to say. Watch it. WATCH IT!


I’ve got some bad news for Capcom fans. Today the company announced that several of its titles have been delayed to “avoid competing with the major titles that other companies plan to introduce” between January 1 and March 31, 2010.

Specifically Lost Plant 2, Super Street Fighter IV, and Monster Hunter Tri are the titles that have been delayed. Now they are scheduled for release sometime during Capcom’s next fiscal year, which spans April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011. Read more… »

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Dark Void prequel goes 8-bit
By: | December 22nd, 2009

Dark Void Zero

Admittedly, I haven’t been closely following Dark Void, the new Capcom IP due out in January. All I know is that it is coming to the 360, PS3, and PC and involves strapping on a jet pack and zipping around like the Rocketeer.

According to GameSpot, Capcom is also hoping to expand upon the fledgling franchise’s mythos by releasing a digital download prequel in the same month. Curiously, Dark Void Zero will not be arriving on the respective platforms’ download services but on DSiWare, and it’ll look like an NES game.




Nearly the entire roster for the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4 has been confirmed up to this point. Alongside the old street fighters Dee Jay and T.Hawk, and the newcomer Juri, some old favorites from the Street Fighter Alpha series – Guy, Cody, and Adon – have been confirmed.

However, a Japanese blog indicates that the newest issue of Famitsu will be revealing the remaining five characters left to be revealed in the roster – even though the character select screenshot on the internet shows only four remaining slots.


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Capcom details 2nd batch of RE5 DLC
By: | December 18th, 2009


Yesterday Capcom released some new details pertaining to Resident Evil 5‘s second batch of DLC.

Dubbed “Desperate Escape,” the second downloadable chapter has players taking control of Jill Valentine “recently freed of a mind control device” and BSAA agent Josh Stone. The DLC will take place during the main Resident Evil 5 campaign. Read more… »