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It’s been a while since we last had our hands on with RaiderZ. To be exact, it’s been one year, one month and 17 days. What has Maiet Entertainment and Perfect World been doing with it since then? They’ve been making it one of the sharpest looking, immersive MMORPGs of course.

Well, if you like what you see from the trailer above, you’d be glad to note that Gamer Limit is having a closed beta key giveaway. Massive cherry on top: one lucky gamer who registers for the closed beta will also nab an all-inclusive trip for two to PAX Prime next month.

We have a limited set of keys so pay attention to the details.


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Preview: Journey Beta
By: | July 4th, 2011

A beta for hot upcoming indie title Journey landed on the PlayStation Network this week. While the beta is limited to a relatively small number of playtesters, I am one of the fortunate few.  Having played through the beta several times now, I would like to share my thoughts on the Journey experience with you.

With Journey thatgamecompany is crafting an entire experience that focuses an aspect often overlooked in gaming. Doing something new and interesting would be enough for most developers, but the Los Angeles-based studio isn’t just stopping at reinventing the adventure game with Journey, players are also in store for a refreshing take on online multiplayer.


Ever since Halo 3: ODST was released, Microsoft has been teasing that anyone who purchased the overpriced expansion pack game would be able to participate in the upcoming Halo Reach multiplayer beta.  Well it appears that they weren’t pulling our leg after all.

Microsoft officially announced today, at their X10 media event, that the Halo Reach multiplayer beta will kick off on May 3, 2010.  No further details have been released, but they have reiterated that anyone who owns the ODST game disc will be able to take part in this “epic event”. Read more… »


Last week, it was reported that developer/publisher Interplay had inked a deal with Masthead Studios to begin work on an MMORPG based in the Fallout Universe.  The project, known as Project: V13, has apparently been in development since 2007, but has seen multiple delays as a result of various legal squabbles with Bethesda Softworks.

Bethesda announced that they had acquired the rights to the Fallout intellectual property back in April of 2007, which meant that Interplay would have to become a licensee if they wished to continue with the project.  Needless to say, amid various financial and legal troubles, the title has been pushed back many, many times in recent years.   Read more… »

MAG Beta 5

Have you ever wanted to get your 256-player shooting on, but haven’t been able to get your hands on one of the many, many beta codes floating around the Internet? Well, do not despair, gentle soldier, for your time has come.

Zipper Interactive announced today that its upcoming online FPS, MAG, has gone gold. To commemorate this development milestone, Zipper will be opening up the previously closed beta to anyone with a PS3 and an internet connection, including all territories where PSN is available.

Read on to get the full details and learn how you can be another pretty face in a 256-player crowd.



Yesterday it was announced that testing would start for the final instance in the current expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

“We are scheduling a raid test for Icecrown Citadel tomorrow at 7pm EDT/4pm PDT for the two US PTR Servers. Lord Marrowgar, the first boss of the raid zone, will be available for testing. The trash leading up to him will also be ready for testing.”


Yesterday (Monday the 28th of September) a new thread arrived in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s official forums that implicated a link that appeared on an RSS feed on some members computers: a beta testing event. I have been reading up on this, and this morning the thread was over 270 pages long, with no sign of a developer making an announcement whether this information was correct or a hoax.

Today, it was confirmed when an official page arrived on Bio Ware’s website! Unfortunately for some, there are requirements for people to be able to become a beta tester with SW: TOR.

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OnLive Public Beta Opens
By: | September 3rd, 2009

Coverage regarding OnLive has definately quietened down since its initial announcement, but we all knew that something was being cooked up behind the scenes. Over at the OnLive blog is a post which lets US residents sign up for a public OnLive beta starting this Summer 09.