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With three sales in two weeks, one would think that there was something funny in the drinking water over at the Humble Bundle offices. They assure us this is not the case. Rather, there is just a lot of excitement as they have expanded their Humble Bundle offering beyond the traditional and indie sales. You can now add the weekly and mobile sales to their repertoire.

According to one of their Support Ninjas, Melanie, “[w]e are very excited about the new weekly offerings and so you will see them regularly. We will continue with our traditional model as well.” Yay for us!


Activision may have stopped making Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero games, but that isn’t stopping former developers who worked on both franchises from creating their newest title: Epic Skater.

The game is going for a targeted release date of December 2012, and will be hitting the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. Keep an eye out for some coverage of the upcoming Epic Skater beta, as we’ll be giving you the latest on this intruiging project.

Considering that I’ve been replaying all of Neversoft’s old Tony Hawk games, this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time! If you want to contribute, head on over to their Kickstarter. Read more… »

Speaking at a press conference earlier today Suda 51 announced his plans to create the goriest social game around. While the Grasshopper CEO has ideas for over 100 different social games, a mobile version of No More Heroes  will be the first to make its way out into the world. His intend behind the title is to make it “the social game with the most blood”. While currently planned for the incredibly popular Android-powered Mobage-town, Suda has hopes that the title will see a release overseas.

As an Droid user that is incredibly underwhelmed what the Android market has to offer, the prospect of a game from the man behind Shadows of the Damned on my mobile is incredibly exciting. While they’re at it why not bring Frog Minutes over from iOS and let us get our hands on that as well. Read more… »