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MW2Not so long ago, there was a small amount of uproar surrounding the UK price point of Activision’s imminent success Modern Warfare 2. However, all is not doom and gloom over in these sunny shores as Sainsbury’s step in offering a somewhat ludicrous price. That’s right, £26 for a potential game of the year. Read more… »


Tada! Activision are some of the most creative folks in the industry, that’s why they’ve decided to file a trademark for Drum Hero. Yes, you better believe it. Other than churning out DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero at very close quarters, we’ll be seeing its drum-thumping brethren sometime in the near future as well, apparently.

Who didn’t see this coming? Almost no one. Read more… »

Was this a surprise? Not really. This is, after all, Call of Duty and Guitar Hero; quite possible two of the most popular franchises in the current-gen. Well, it was still endearing to hear it from Activision themselves. We really don’t blame them for their money-milking ways.

Stealth kill your way inside to see what Activision had to say. Read more… »

DJ Hero logo

Despite Mr. Nick Simberg’s best efforts to persuade you that DJ Hero is the greatest musical innovation since Guitar Hero, it seems that the UK has been less affectionate to its arrival after it failed to enter the top 10 charts.

Instead, DJ Hero debuted dismally at number 20 in the all formats chart in the UK, which is less than encouraging for a new high profile release.

I wonder if its astronomical pricing in Europe had anything to do with it?


Machinima usually comes in the form of cheap, pixelated, and distorted Youtube videos. However, when you’re Activision, and you’re marketing for one of the biggest games of the year, there are a few specific perks to make your 50 second PSA actually kind of clever.

Infinity Ward has teamed up with Cole Hamels, and produced a Fight Against Grenade Spam PSA. After you’ve figured out that little quip in the title, hit the break for the full video.


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Modern Warfare 2 minimum specs
By: | October 23rd, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 minimum specs

Okay all you Call of Duty-loving PC nuts, you only have about two weeks to upgrade your computer before Modern Warfare 2 is released.

The minimum requirements shouldn’t be a surprise to most, but for anyone who was hoping to run MW2 on their parent’s old laptop, you may have to resign yourself to the console version.

Hit the jump to check out the specs.


Band Hero

If you heaved at the announcement of Lego Rock Band’s child friendly tracklisting last week, then be prepared to be further repulsed by the reveal of Band Hero’s teenage twaddle.

The full sugar coated soundtrack can be found after the jump, along with a listing of importable Guitar Hero songs which you predictably have to pay for. Band Hero is set to captivate your younger sister on November 3rd.


Today publisher Activision announced a new dinosaur themed first-person shooter for the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Wii.

Dubbed Jurassic: The Hunted, the new shooter drops gamers off on an “island lost in time,” where you are forced to fight for your life. “Players assume the role of weapons and survival expert Craig Dylan, who has been hired to protect a research team studying the strange temporal energy of the island. Protection quickly becomes a fight for survival as Dylan is pulled back in time through the Bermuda Triangle and finds himself facing the most terrifying creatures in the history of the planet.”

To find out more about this new shooter, hit the jump. Read more… »

Modern Warfare 2: Spec Ops

Apparently, Modern Warfare 2 developers intended to offer an additional co-op mode as part of the main story. However, when chatting to VG247, Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling revealed that any sort of campaign co-operative mode simply “ruined the experience”.

Instead, MW2 boasts an all-new Spec Ops mode that allows co-operative mission play for online or local split-screen gaming.

Read on to find out what Bowling had to say on the issue, and a few of juicy screenshots from Spec Ops.


Well, it looks like Ultimate Alliance 2 is starting to roll out it’s line of downloadable characters! Cletus Cassidy, aka Carnage, is set to be the first add-on character in Activision’s new epic brawler.

Personally, I always found Carnage’s appearances on the relatively cheeky Spider-Man TV Show pretty disturbing. I mean, the guy murders his whole family, and is constantly threatening to kill everyone he meets with some sort of sharp-edged arm weapon: that’s a little heavy in comparison to your typical “Pinky and the Brain” diabolical Spider-Man villain. Either way, you can bet we’ll give you the lowdown on any sort of release date, and feel free to check out our Ultimate Alliance 2 review right here.


Blur may have been pushed back into 2010, but that is no reason to dismay, Gamer Limit are here with an interview with the developers, Bizarre Creations, to brighten up your day as September draws to a dreary close.

We spoke to Ami Langton, Studio Communications for Bizarre, so hit the jump to find out what those lovely people from Liverpool are up to.


In a rather odd announcement by Activision, it seems like Prototype will be featured in some way shape or form in tomorrow’s episode of HBO’s Entourage.

Will it be showcased on the crew’s 360, already shown in previous episodes’ highlights of Gears of War 2? Or will Ari Gold breakdown and buy them a PS3 Slim? Feel free to fuel the console wars, or show your love/hate for Entourage’s Sixth Season below.