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Covering 20th century warfare in video games is beginning to run its course.  With a reoccurring Call of Duty title out every year, the locales are beginning to thin out.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any settings left.

Right now, little is known about this year’s Call of Duty, but sources are pointing toward South East Asia.  The Vietnam War is a landscape that’s been relatively unscathed in comparison to World War II and the conflict in the Middle East.  What kind of controversy can we expect this time? Read more… »

Yesterday during an analyst conference, Activision CEO Mike Griffith announced that the publisher is going to refocus its rhythm games into two main franchises, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. According to Griffith, this will help Activision reach a “broader audience.”

In 2010 Activision plans to release less than ten music game SKUs. While that still sounds like a lot, it’s not even half of what 2009 saw. Griffith explained, “This year, fewer SKUs will service a broader audience.” Read more… »

Tony-Hawk-Ride-Feet-On-PreviewAlright, show of hands, how many of you played Tony Hawk: Ride?  Two of you?  Wow, more than I expected!  Now, did either of you actually enjoy playing it?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Ride had a lot of great ideas – and a lot of potential – but came up short of just about every goal it set out to achieve.  However, it seems that a new title in the series may be on the way, if a recent Tweet by franchise namesake Tony Hawk is any indication.

The statement from Hawk reads: “Just met with @robomodo about our next project and it’s already much better than I expected. Details soon. Chicago is not warm.” Read more… »


In a recent interview, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has some choice words regarding the publisher’s use of the Spider Man IP.

Kotick stated, “Our Spider-Man games have sucked for the last five years. They are bad games. They were poorly rated because they were bad games. We went away from what is Spider-Man. It’s about web-slinging. If you don’t do web-slinging right, what is the fantasy of Spider-Man?” Read more… »


Blizzard has been a heavy hitter this year, with the announcement of the latest expansion for World of Warcraft and development of Starcraft II and Diablo III chugging along, but perhaps the biggest news to come from the gaming giant was given by J. Allen Brack, who stated the company is definitely looking to return to the console market… “at some point.”

This might come as a shock to some fans, who’ve been convinced that Blizzard is against the console market since its last console game was released over nine years ago. However, this begs the question, just which game is Blizzard hoping to return to the market with?


Some of you may have seen this teaser for a new Transformers game during the Spike VGA’s. Today publisher Activision released a few new details pertaining to High Moon’s upcoming action/adventure game.

Sub-titled “War for Cybertron,” the new title will serve as a prequel. Like the previous Transformers game, players will be able to play as both Autobots and Decepticons through two unique campaigns. According to Activision “The AUTOBOT campaign tells a story of heroism to save their home planet against overwhelming odds. The DECEPTICON campaign tells a story of an unquenchable thirst for power to control the universe.” Read more… »


In case you missed it, Modern Warfare 2 features an infamous (optional) airport level that requires you to pose as a terrorist, and watch as your crew mows down innocent russian civilians. Matt Turner, producer of the Army of Two series, had this to say regarding the actions of his competitor’s studio:

“You’re playing a CIA agent, it’s designed to show the atrocities… it’s pretty awful and if you fail to see that side of it than you’re not getting the whole picture. That being said, I thought it took it a little far; it was pretty out there. But I like seeing that they have guts like that.”


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Prepare for the war for Cybertron
By: | December 11th, 2009

TransformersIf you are like me, and for your own sake I hope you aren’t, then there are a few things that are guaranteed to cause excitement, exhilaration and possibly even jubilation.

These include Samurai Pizza Cats, any superhero comic and teen romance vampire novels. I mean monster trucks, ignore the last one, I said monster trucks. Anyway, at the top of that list is almost certainly Transformers, so hit the jump to see the debut trailer from for Transformers: War For Cybertron. Read more… »

There has always been a divide for gamers when discussing developers and publishers. On the one hand, most gamers will be more than happy to explain how their favorite developers have helped broaden their love of gaming, from the moment they first jumped into the LucasArts world of Zombies At My Neighbours, right through until Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

However, dare to mention the part that the publisher had to play in such a great title, and you are bound to be bombarded with ramblings of how they stifled all creativity, or ruined the project entirely.

Activision and Electronic Arts bear the majority of verbal rock throwing from the gaming community. But ask yourself this: where would we be without them?


CoD Zombies iPhone

Pretty much everyone can agree that the Nazi zombies were the best part of Call of Duty: World at War.

What if you could harness those brain-gobbling Nazis… in your pocket?  Because today, you can.


Modern Warfare 2 Steam Date

As I reported last week, the release of the Steam version of Modern Warfare 2 was originally pushed back to November 13th, three days after the rest of the world.   Well, for those of us who have been waiting in agony the last 24+ hours as our friends have basked in the greatness that is Infinity Ward’s latest masterpiece, the wait will soon be over.

It appears that Valve has moved the release date up a full day to midnight EST tonight. That’s right boys and girls, the time to kick some terrorist ass using a mouse and keyboard will soon be upon us.  Make sure you have the game preloaded though so you can immediately begin your reign of terror when midnight arrives. Read more… »

In just under a week, an internet investigation firm has tracked down the pirate who uploaded Activision’s pampered machine gun-toting toddler Modern Warfare 2 onto the internet. While it probably won’t make the slightest dent in the pirate community, it’s still satisfying to note that justice was served. As much as Activision milks its products, we doubt that theft will encourage them to implement a zombie co-op mode.

Find out how IP Cybercrime, the brains behind the arrest, tracked the pirate down after the jump. Read more… »