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Review: Code of Princess
By: | October 11th, 2012

When Guardian Heroes hit the market in 1996, the gaming world shook. Never before had the genre seen such a detailed mix of beat’ em up action and RPG elements. It drew in crowds that weren’t even fans of beat ‘em ups like Double Dragon that came years before it — that’s how much power it had.

Fast forward to 2012 — a number of developers who worked on Guardian Heroes are now poised to release Code of Princess, a press-dubbed “spiritual sucessor” to Guardian Heroes. As is the case with anything that has to live up to a ton of hype and legacy, this really could have gone either way for them. Fortunately for fans, I’m pleased to say that you won’t be disappointed.

Bottom line: if you like beat ‘em ups with a solid side of quirk, Code of Princess is a must have, despite some niggling issues.


Can you believe that Kingdom Hearts is celebrating its ten year anniversary in 2012? The mere thought of said celebration is enough to make most of us gamers feel extremely old.

Speaking of dated, recent iterations of the Kingdom Hearts franchise have had their ups and downs, and have had their own share of dated gameplay to boot, leaving gamers to clamor for Kingdom Hearts 3. As time goes on, worlds are reused, and the charm wears off, it’s easy to see the franchise as a relic of the past.

Thankfully, there’s nothing old about Dream Drop Distance. Read more… »

Rhythm games used to be a dime a dozen. After Gitaroo Man, it felt like there was a new DDR iteration launching every other week, among many other prolific series such as Parappa the Rapper, and later, enough Guitar Hero and Rock Band games to fill a small landfill.

Recently however, the genre has really quieted down. The Guitar Hero series is on indefinite hold, and outside of a few minor titles, it’s fairly hard to get your groove on these days. Enter Theatrhythm Final Fantasy — a collection of music from Final Fantasy I all the way up to XIII that seeks to placate all the insatiable rhythm fans across the world.

It isn’t perfect, but if you’re a long time Final Fantasy fan, Theatrhythm is probably the best method in which too relive your nostalgia to date. Read more… »

Siliconera was able to chat with producer Ichiro Hazama regarding the history of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy , and it’s potential fate. Among some particularly neat tidbits (such as FFXIII-Versus DLC, when the game doesn’t even have a date yet), Hazama explains that since FFXIV is undergoing a major content update, music from it shouldn’t be included yet.

He also very proudly re-iterates that the game sold out in Japan, and hopes that it will be a staple Square-Enix franchise going forward. Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Tomb Raider (!) are a few examples he cites as possible contiunations of the series.


Nintendo wasn’t satisfied just bringing you one press conference, so they broke the Wii U into two, and added an extra 3DS conference.

The unfortunate part of this strategy is that none of the conferences packed any major punches. While the main Wii U conference was satisfying enough in my opinion, this 3DS event fell completely flat. Read more… »

It looks like the cat is out of the bag: Nintendo is perched to release the “Midnight Purple” version of the 3DS on May 2oth, alongside of Mario Tennis 3D.

This is the fifth new color for the 3DS. The unit will retail for $170, and sadly will not ship with the Ambassador games. In what seems like a missed opportunity, I wish this iteration was called “Eggplant”, and shipped alongside of Kid Icarus: Uprising.


Fire Emblem, the latest SRPG from Nintendo-land, has allegedly sold through 80% of their stock in the first week. For those of you who aren’t impressed, most games “ship” a large number of units, but they may lay on shelves for months on end, eventually fated for a price-cut.

This particular title sold around a quarter of a million units — and again, it sold through the vast majority of that stock. A bunch of happenings recently, including a domain name registration by Nintendo of America, seem to strongly hint towards an American release, so we can only hope that we’ll have the opportunity to reach a similar milestone later this year.


Donkey Kong Country…3D? What a wild turn of events! Apparently a user over at DK Vine spotted cases for “Donkey Kong 3D” marked for pre-order. So what’s the big deal? Well, the game hasn’t even been announced yet.

It’s also interesting to note that there’s a box for Super Smash Brothers 3DS — EB Games/Gamestop is getting pretty desperate for pre-orders! Either this is a huge mistake, and the game was cancelled a while ago, or it’s a really early leak, and we’re in for some Donkey and Diddy goodness later this year.

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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Nintendo DLC Update: 2/3/12
By: | February 3rd, 2012

Nintendo DLC

Slim pickins’. That’s all I got to say about this week’s new offerings from Nintendo. But you know what they say, “One man’s slim pickins’ is another man’s DLC GOTY.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how the saying goes.

Hit the jump for this week’s full list. Read more… »

Revelations has a lot to live up to. It’s the first full Resident Evil game for a Nintendo handheld (barring remakes and mini-games) since Resident Evil Gaiden on the Gameboy Color.

It’s also the most impressive looking bit of software to date, and the first title to utilize the new Circle Pad Pro addition, launching the same day as the game itself. So is Revelations a system seller?

Read on to find out.


These days, a true platformer is hard to come by – all too often modern developers attempt to combine puzzle elements into the genre, sometimes to the point of convolution.

While there have been some fine innovations to the genre, it’s always nice to get back to our roots every once in a while. Thankfully, Renegade Kid’s Mutant Mudds does just that, blending classic retro greats such as Gargoyle’s Quest, Virtual Boy Wario Land, and Kirby. Read more… »

Capcom announced Thursday that Resident Evil 6 is in development and will be released November 20 this year for 360 and PS3, with a PC version to follow. Familiar protagonists Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield will take the front stage in battling a surge of bio-terrorism. Government espionage! Jetsetting! A world in peril!

Surprising as this announcement may be, and even though the release is this year, it’s still ten months away. Here is more practical news: Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS will be upon us in less than a month. And guess what, you can download the demo straight from the Nintendo eShop right now.