Casinos around the world generate nearly $160 billion each and every year and with over 46% of adults having gambled in a casino the market is huge. Visiting a casino and placing a few bets can be a lot of fun, but when doing so there are a few rules to abide by to ensure you don’t look out of place.

Back to basics

There’s nothing more important when gambling in a casino than to follow the general rules of etiquette. Remember to be polite; think meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. No matter if you win or lose always keep your composure, screaming and shouting in a casino is not forbidden but it’s unlikely to go down well with other punters.

It’s also worth getting some tips and tricks before you go. For example, you’ll find some great blackjack strategies at Casino Deal – it’s well worth looking at these before you go.

Dress code

Before you set off for the casino be sure to check the dress code. Each establishment has the right to enforce its own rules, however there are some big no, no’s when it comes casino attire. The biggest clothing based faux-par when visiting a casino is wearing trainers, so make sure you pop on a pair of shoes.

Don’t expect sympathy

Neither the dealers nor other players are there to comfort you when you lose. Remember that the dealer is simply doing his or her job and that other players are there to enjoy themselves and make money; if you lose the chances of them often increases sympathy is not on the agenda.

Know the game

One of the most frustrating things for a casino player is being at a table with somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Before you decide to take your seat at a table, whether it be blackjack, poker or roulette be sure that you’re 100% familiar with how to play the game as well as the rules and regulations that govern it. You can practice your strategies at Old Havana Casino from the comfort in your home.

Tipping the dealer

The question as to whether you tip the dealer or not isn’t one that’s easy to answer. Whether you tip or not may depend on the country you’re playing in. In the United States, it can often be considered rude not to tip the dealer, however in many other countries tipping is discouraged. Make sure that you understand the rules around tipping before placing a bet to avoid offending anybody.

Drink responsibly

In some locations you’re actively encouraged to have a drink whilst gambling. In Las Vegas for example many casinos provide you with free alcoholic drinks providing you’re placing bets. Despite this drinking culture that surrounds casino gambling it’s important to keep a certain level of self control. This will not only help you refrain from placing silly bets, but will also mean you don’t disturb other gamblers with rowdy behaviour.

A night out at the casino can be a great time for you and your friends, as long as you follow the rules. However like with anything, if you fail to follow protocol and decide to act in rebellious manner then things could turn sour.