Casino Bonus – What you should think about!

Bonuses are the most common type of promotions that different online casinos usually offer their players; which usually means that the casino will double or even triple your first deposit with a special first deposit bonus. To explain this in a simpler way, you will get 300 Euro to play with the casino; if you are in this case, make a deposit of  € 100. Usually, the casino, however, require that you have to play a certain amount of time before you are able to withdraw some of this money, which you later can deposit into your bank account of choice.

There are different types of bonuses that are valid for deposits up to a certain amount. A general rule of thumb is that a bonus of 100% will double your deposit, while a 300% bonus will quadruple, etc.

Do you however find a bonus that is more than 300%, you should proceed with some caution; because the conditions that often come with these promotions can be difficult  for you as a player to achieve. Another common type of casino bonus is to offer the players a little something extra when they make their first deposit. This of course varies from casino to casino; but it will usually involve different types of benefits. One example is the bonus you receive when you play Live Roulette, Slots or Live Casino.

Free casino bonus

Another type of common casino bonus that is Free Spins without a cash deposit; which is usually offered at registration. These bonuses, however, is usually quite small, but requires no money betting on your part. Bonuses you may have access to without making any cash deposit, usually differ in value from $ 50 – $ 100. However, there can be some high wagering requirements on bonuses where you don’t have to do any cash deposits – so this is something you should be wary of.

A “no deposit bonus” – is used by casinos to attract new players; with the hope that one day they will return and play more, and of course make a real cash deposit.