There are lots of slot games out there, and they come with a lot of features. However, there are things that draw some classes of people to games. If you are wealthy, you will either be searching for games that will add more to your wealth or ones that will give you utmost fun and relaxation. So, while some people may think that rich people get involved in games that demand huge bankrolls, the truth is that their eyes are always on the payouts and not the bankrolls. So, they tend to fall in love with games that pay huge rewards. Below are some of the games that rich people love most.

Megabucks Slot

This is obviously the first game that catches the fancy of the rich. Coming from the stable of the IGT gaming group, this game is found in every meaningful casino in Vegas and other places.  Now, when you talk about the reason why the rich will always want to play this game, it is because of the progressive jackpot. Its jackpot is bigger than whatever other casinos out there can offer you. They offer an amazing ten million dollars jackpot for a start, and this can be higher, depending on your luck. Whenever you win the jackpot from the megabucks slot, you will automatically become what many people will like to refer to as ‘stinking rich’. So, rich people who are always looking to add more zeros to their bank accounts prefer to play this. All you need to do is to hit three megabucks symbol on any payline, and you will have these millions.

Wheel of Fortune Slot

The next slot game for rich people is this game from IGT. This is actually one of the most played games in the world, probably because of the numerous stories about it. This is one casino game that has made more people millionaires. It has actually made both players and the casino owners rich, and rich people like to enjoy it. The rewards on offer are enormous here. This involves 5 reels and 5 pay-lines, and different series are released from time to time. The 50,000 coins maximum payout is one of its highlights. But the greatest is the jackpot of $0.5 million. The combinations for winning are up to 7000 here, and that makes it possible for people to win easily. You can try this site if you want to enjoy the game.

The 88 Fortunes

This is another game that rich people enjoy. This game has up to four progressive jackpots and you can win any of them through the FU BT bonus. The jackpots include the grand jackpot, the major jackpot, the minor jackpot, and the mini jackpot. The prizes for the jackpots on the base level are from $10 to $10,000 respectively. However, they are progressive, and that is to say that they keep increasing till someone hits the prize. The FU BAT symbol will give you the opportunity to enjoy the jackpot, even though the symbols are triggered at random. Rich people enjoy the game because of the huge payouts and jackpots.

Some other slot games that are very good for the rich are the free slot games. They enjoy this when they want to relax and have a good time without worrying about winning and losing. Some of them include the Stinking Rich Slot and the Get Rich Slot. They are free games that offer wonderful bonuses to all players to enjoy.