Australian online betting has improved out of site over the last three or four years, there are a few different reasons for this but one of the main reasons behind the improved betting experience is technology and the emergence of mobile betting apps. Another key area has to be the amount of competition there is within the industry with new betting sites appearing year on year in a bid to tap into the billions of dollars that is turned over each year.

If you happen to be an avid punter then you will have most likely already delved into the world of online betting and mobile betting apps in recent times and you would have also realised just how much extra value a punter can gain while betting online in comparison to more traditional methods of betting via a TAB outlet due to bookmakers competing against each other in a hot industry.

First of all online betting sites across Australia will offer new punters sign up deals to entice them into joining their agency along with many weekly bonus offers across sports and racing markets.

Due to state laws some of these offers are not open to all Australian residents and you would have to check your individual states rules regarding any type of bonus that is allowed or prohibited.

Bonuses aside, the main reason we have seen so many punters switching to online betting has to be the new technology associated with the industry, mobile betting apps have been a major game changer as they allow punters to bet on the go along with placing bets quickly.

Mobile betting apps are specifically designed for the modern punter and in a way modern life with its high paced day to day ethos of quality, speed and hassle free living and online bookmakers have incorporated these three aspects into their mobile betting apps and punters have taken to them and discarded the old ways for the most part.
The main features within betting apps are quite commonplace now across the board with all the best betting sites now offering what you would call industry standardised functions enabling the punting experience to be swift and smooth.

Betting slips can easily be adapted and saved to your own personally preferred settings, deposit options can also be saved so you can quickly deposit funds into your account by your favourite method, everything is geared up to saving the punter time.

Another area that online bookmakers have improved drastically has to be the layout of the apps and betting websites, quick links to upcoming sports and racing events are standard across the board now with all the major betting sites and they will show either the next three or five races to go. Tabs for individual sports and racing codes enable a punter to quickly navigate their way to their chosen market too.

Last but not least and this has to be the biggest game changer of all is the ability to now withdraw your winnings the same day through ATM cards that are provided by most of Australia’s leading online bookmakers. In the early days of online betting you might have to wait 3-5 days before seeing your money in your bank account but with your very own ATM card you can just place your bet and if it wins go straight to the cash machine and withdraw your account funds there and then.

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