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Note: Gamer Limit is not actively recruiting at the moment, but we will always take applications under consideration

Gamer Limit is one of the fastest growing, and completely independent, game media sites on the internet. Our global reach hits every English speaking country, with more and more gamers discovering our range of interesting news, unique features and deliciously frank reviews every day.

We value our staff, and provide every opportunity to expand their roles and become editors. We also reward our team, with opportunities to attend media events (such as E3 or GDC), interview developers, and for the lucky ones, the possibility of software for reviews.

But at the same time, we expect a strict standard of quality and dedication. Writing for a gaming site is fun, as all our talented guys can attest to, but its also hard work. You can’t expect to become a writer and have games hitting your doorstep, or an E3 invite in your pocket within days.

The web and our users are demanding beasts, and keeping our content fresh, available and interesting is not a casual hobby. If you have the time, the dedication and the forthright to consistently provide quality work, then we welcome your application.

If you’re just in it for the freebies, best not to waste your time, and ours. It sounds silly, but our editors work insane hours for very little gain thus their time is priceless.

So what do we offer?

All of our positions work on a voluntary basis at present. Like most independent sites, our very limited revenue stream covers site expenses, rather than salaries.

But those who are willing to work hard are first in line for freebies (review copies), invitations to events, and various other perks. Most importantly, we offer a place for you to display or publish your work as well as a willing audience to consume it.

Many of our previous staff have gone on to work at well known industry publications including Game Informer, Official Playstation Magazine and IGN, to name a few. We have connections with almost every major publisher in the industry, as well as close relationships with a wide range of developers in multiple countries.

So, still interested in joining our team?

There are plenty of positions available, from everything to news recapper to review and feature writer. Inquire at the below email!

How do you contact us?

Please forward all correspondence addressed to “Gamer Limit Editors” at the email listed below. Take note that we receive up to 20 applications a week, and scrutinize every single one.

Please spell check your work, and submit writing examples in the standard you would expect them to be published. We have extraordinarily high standards and expect all new staff to be able to meet them from Day One.

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