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Here on Gamer, you’ll find some of the most interesting giveaways on the web.

Whether it be a boxart mystery contest, or a “name that video game tune” mind teaser, you can expect free stuff up for grabs every Monday. Bookmark us and check in: you might win a free game!


Join your host Josh Quinnett, along with Paul Clark, Chris Carter, Chase Cooke, and the occasional guest, for one of the most interesting video game podcasts on the web.

We generally record every Sunday, and will let you know ahead of time with a heads-up post, so you can ask any questions you may have. We’ll do our best to answer every single one!


Indie doesn’t get nearly the respect it deserves.

So, we’ve dedicated an entire day to these lesser known titles: check out Indie Spotlight, an in-depth feature that reviews various independant titles from the iPhone store to the Xbox Live Indie Arcade.


Every Thursday, Gamer Limit will bring you back in time with either a Retro Reunion, Tales of the Bargain bin, or Retro ad piece.

All of these are sure to strike your nostalgia bone!


Strapped for cash? No problem!

Check out Free-Game Friday: a feature that will not only introduce you the most interesting free games in the world, but show you where you can actually download them.


Editorials are what we do best here at Gamer Limit, so it’s important that we make sure you can check back on a certain day in case you need to get your creative juices flowing with a provacative, and interesting article.


Were you living under a rock all week?

Make sure you check back on the slowest news day of the week for a complete wrap up of every important bit of juicy gaming news.