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Gamer Limit currently employs a completely volunteer staff including 2 Full-Time managers along with a team of freelance writers.

We have offices in other regions around the world, including the US, as well as the UK and Australia.

Our website strives to develop a dedicated independent string of sites focused on providing a unique perspective on the gaming industry.

Our first site, Casualty Gamer, was created to cover the growing market share of casual and flash gaming, providing a generally ignored area of innovation and creativity a valid press avenue to the market place.

Our second, and flagship site, Gamer Limit, was founded on the belief that a strong independent voice was needed to provide insight into the mainstream gaming industry. Our focus on finding the interesting stories behind the scenes of the industry, including providing a strong editorial voice, unbiased and professional reviews, and breaking news, such as live coverage of important trade events (Such as E3) is key to our success as a platform.


  • Website Name: Gamer Limit
  • URLS:
  • Founded - September 2008
  • Regional Offices: Virginia, US – London, UK – Hobart, AU.
  • Gamer Limit averages over 350,000 unique visitors a month and growing, with an average daily Alexa rank of 24,000 and rising.


Colin Robinson, Founder
Chris Carter,


For any enquiries relating to company relations, press, or advertising, please contact us at pr(at) Gamer Limit management are available for comment on any of the stories or submissions available on any of it’s websites, as well as any complaints in regards to content. Management are also available for general comment on industry events.