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PC-focused developer Blizzard Entertainment was in attendance at Wednesday’s Playstation meeting, putting a question mark atop several heads for a few seconds before designer Chris Metzen announced Diablo 3 will be coming to both the PS3 and PS4. The console version will support four person, split-screen multiplayer putting your dungeon crawling buddies all on one couch, or as Metzen said with a declarative fist raised, “one couch to rule them all.”

This also means the game will potentially support cross play on the PS Vita. Metzen mentioned that more information is forthcoming at PAX East this year.

So, any non-PC gamers interested? Let us know what you think in the ol’ comments section.

  1. Before D3 was released, this would have hyped my to hell and back. Having played the game, though, this does nothing but induce an eye-roll from me.

    • avatar Shorty

      Sam Raimi deserves a cahnce to prove it. It’s gonna be a tough challenge for him coz not all games which hit the big screen makes it to the top. But then, there’s always an exception. Now I wonder if Raimi would include the life of characters in the virtual world which would be raiding, grinding and trading.

  2. avatar Shanti

    2. not spending 2 sencdos to find out. (maybe 5 if you type slow)*when I typed GSL into google, it’s the fourth result, and I actually missed it the first time I looked at the results.It seems Global Starcraft II League isn’t as famous as Global Ship Lease, Inc. or GNU Scientific Libary . course this dones’t really matter sine I stopped giving a shit about SCII like a year ago.

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