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Sometimes playing as the bad guy is fun. And what better baddie to take control of than an all powerful demon? The catch is that he has been summoned into a not-so-all-powerful imp body.

Expect devilish “demon-management, action-strategy” (their words, not ours) in Impire, Paradox Interactive’s latest title due to hit PCs soon this Q1.

  1. avatar Gulim

    Oh my f*cking god! that was the most spectacular trlaier of WFE I’ve watched yet. i think it’s even better than the first one with Assassination of Jesse James’ music.The last scenes of the trlaier I was seriously just gawking on the screen. And clicked the replay button at least 10 times.WOW. Marlena and Jacob they are such an amazing couple, and the chemistry when they hug or kiss it’s so intimate. And if Rob has bad reviews for his acting again (and probably will) I think Im going to pull my hair off. Seriously. The last scenes, when he’s going with the gun or standing on the car we can tell, they are SO well played.

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