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Hey, remember that Suda51 title we reported a while back? No? Well, it was more than a year ago so we won’t hold it against you.

Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality have teamed up to deliver what they consider their interpretation of the “dark fantasy fairy tale” adding in a bit of interactive ”kamishibai”, or paper drama. Due to hit the XBox Live Arcade December 12, Black Knight Sword will be a platformer … a bloody platformer … a bloody platformer with that Suda51 twist most likely earning that M17+ ESRB rating.

From the screenshots they just released today (see above), nothing much has been revealed that we don’t know already. So, when all is said and done, it may be good to go back to the 2011 announcement video for a refresher on the gameplay before the game is unleashed on XBLA. We’ll keep you posted on the PSN release date.

  1. avatar Kanaram

    I’ve seen both and I think that the graphics are very simialr on both consoles. Some people say that PS3 has the edge, but the difference is minor.Where the PS3 version does win is the cross-platform play, free Steam copy, and Steamworks integration. I’m guessing the low PS3 sales could be because:1: PSN is down, and people won’t buy a game that isn’t fully functional (I know I’m not looking to buy any PS3 games this week. Live is working, PSN isn’t)2: People didn’t know about the extra functionality in the PS3 version (many reviews didn’t even mention it)3: The number of PS3 exclusive releases this year compared to 360. There’s more games, but only a finite amount of money in people’s wallets.In any case, this must be a disappointment for Sony and Valve, although it’s probably best to wait for data from outside the UK, as well as from after PSN comes back, before passing judgement.

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