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Like charity? Like games? Revision3 combines the two into a perfect marriage with a 24 hour marathon for charity through Extra Life. The marathon started at 8 AM PST, 10/20/12, and will run for…24 hours!

The marathon, ran by Rev3Games’ Anthony Carboni, Tara Long, and Max Scoville (with friends), supports children’s hospitals by way of playing through a ton of new games.

Among those that are headlining the marathon are XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Borderlands 2, but there’s plenty of other gems thrown in there for good measure, including special guests from Double Fine and Gearbox.

You can find the stream here (or below) — watch it, have fun, and donate!

  1. avatar Asenake

    Okay, I think it’s totally dolbae, especially if you choose the right marathon. I’ll use my marathon history as an example BTW, BQ for me is 3:10:59 or lower First 2005 NYCM, Finished in 3:26:28Second 2006 Hartford, Finished in 3:11:33, (-14:55)Third 2007 NYCM, Finished in 3:08:18, (-3:15)Fourth 2008 San Francisco, Finished in 3:09:08Fifth 2008 NYCM, Finished in 3:02:20, (-5:58)So I think it’s possible with good training.Hope it helps, and good luck to you in your BQ quest.

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