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Kotaku ran a live Q&A with an anonymous insider from one of those “cold, calculating mega-publishers” today. This is the second time this source has answered questions this year, and it was a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the business side of things. Some of the topics the insider addressed included Kickstarter, day one DLC, why publishers don’t take as many risks on new IPs late in a console cycle, and more.

Their response when asked about what steps they take to get good review scores was particularly telling. “Reviews only have an impact if they’re 90+, and then the impact is huge. We don’t take steps to get good reviews, we take steps to make good games,” the source said. Of course then they ended by saying, “Then we invite [reviewers] to fancy promotional events to warm them up on the game before they play it on their own.” The whole Q&A is definitely worth your time.


  1. avatar Arttemis

    What a smug, sanctimonious dick. His answers repeatedly have an emphasis on making ‘his/her’ games the best, with such a down playing tone regarding the homogenization effect ‘reaching the most people’ has. This person’s grammar and language is so curt, it goes beyond being rushed for time to answer questions, and gives an insight into a sub-mediocre intelligence at the helm of entirely too much power and money. I feel disgusted at the prospect of buying games from major publishers, now, when before I would have been disinterested.

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