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Steam Halloween Sale 2012

Steam slashed prices on dozens of “spooky, creepy, scary, and eerie titles” today for its Halloween Sale 2012. But that’s not all. Apparently ’tis the season of saving money on games because Groupees has the “Bundle of the Damned” available.

Some great games are on sale from now until next week, so you might as well jump on these deals as soon as possible. Just pretend you’re  a zombie and these games are sweet, juicy, squishy brains.

Groupees: Bundle of the Damned

Some of the 80 titles on sale on Steam include: Amnesia for $4.99, Alan Wake for $14.99, Costume Quest for $7.49, and Left 4 Dead 2 for $4.99. View the full list of games here, but remember, these deals will only be up until “until about the time all the pumpkins are smashed.”

The “Bundle of the Damned” is a pay-what-you-want affair (with a minimum price of $1.00). If you pay the minimum, you’ll receive: Zelda-like RPG Manor of the DamnedCryostasis, and a music collection. If you pay $4.00 and above, you’ll receive extra games including: Blind Side and Anna.

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