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The critically and commercially acclaimed The Walking Dead games, developed by adventure veteran Telltale Games, previously available on XBLA, PSN, and PC, is getting a disc based version on December 4th.

So far, we have absolutely no details on the fourth and fifth episode, but I personally think this release will coincide with the delivery of the fifth and final episode of the collection. There’s no word on the pricing yet, but you can pick up each episode for $5 currently.

If the disc is going to retail for more than $25, hopefully it’ll come with some extras!

  1. avatar Arttemis

    Ooh, I think I might hold off on the downloads to get this version instead, especially if it turns out to have extras.

  2. avatar Valeria

    Couldn’t agree more. The reviewer, Tara, if she rernesepts the type of player that tried this game, then it’s too bad. She complained the game was too hard! She died a lot? No auto save? What did you expect from an ID game?. It seems that in an attempt to please the console gaming market, game devs have to dumb it down for these players. Seasoned gamers with lots of experience with ID games will actually find this game easy, even on the nightmare setting. And ID did dumb it down!?

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