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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

That headline has to be a little strange to read out loud, right? Not according to Square Enix! The recently announced Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, will be the last game to star Lightning.

The game’s director, Motomu Toriyama, told IGN that “the ‘Lightning Saga’ that began with Final Fantasy XIII — in other words, the characters and universe that revolve around Lightning — will come to an end with this installment.” So, in this game you’ll have 13 days to save the world, and then you’ll say goodbye to Lightning forever. Though, Toriyama adds that he’s sure “Lightning and the people around her will all have a happy ending.”


  1. avatar Nisan

    Nov17frenchfiresandmilk 1: Story- After the events of FF13, chaos emegers from a sudden time rift and pulls Lighting to the realm of Valhalla. Lighting has to protect the goddess Eto, a statue, from Caius, a time lord who is attacking Lighting straight on. Caius also has control over Chaos, thus Chaos Bahamut. But the reason why he is attacking Lighting in Valhalla is unknown. She’s protecting the statue of Eto and he is attacking her. Caius also has two, best friends. Noel and Yeul, although he is no longer friends

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